Wednesday, December 14, 2011


what what party planner in the house!
i have had the honor of throwin three. i repeat three. three parties this year. and all three have been a huge success. my house is very open. i knocked out several walls before i moved in and made the whole place extremely spacious. and although it sucks trying to heat up, it definitely comes in handy for entertainting. 

yesterday i left work around 1ish to head home to start baking, cleaning, and decorating. i did as much as i could the previous night but really didn't get finished till around 6 right before guests started arriving. just in time. i am a part of a bunko group that meets every second tuesday of the month for an exciting game of BUNKO! i have always just been the "sub" for the group but was initiated into the group awhile back and this was the first time to have them at my house.
we didn't play bunko this time instead we played dirty santa (but good 25 dolla gift)
it was so much fun. and i am super happy with the funky tree and santa claus figrit i received.

since it was a christmas partaay i had everyone come in their christmas pajammies and i fixed breakfast for dinner. i was so happy when i asked my mom to make the breakfast casserole and she said, no prob bob. whew that took a load off cause yall know how i feel about cooking...thanks mom!
we also had bacon, muffins, oreo balls, strawberry bread, and cupcakes. and it was all sooooooo good!

i wanted this to be a fun party. and it was. everyone had such a great time and said i did a really really good job. my house was decorated just perfectly. since everyone was so brave and wore their pjs i gave away a prize for cutest jammies. luckily, i had accomplished everything i wanted to before the big day and i got tons of compliments on my decorating skills (not just christmas) and all my art projects. it really was a confidence boost!

why yes. yes, i did take pictures. of course. lol

but first i wanted to show you guys the outside of my house. it is finally decorated.

i used the pennants from the shower and just changed their colors.
i acquired that little santa from my aunt jen's stuff.

and i made the wreaths myself.

like i said i did as much stuff as i could the previous night. liiike make the oreo balls. i used mint oreos this time to stay with the christmasy theme.

i also made everyone sweet treat bags to take home.
my idea came via pinterest duh!

i liked mines even more than the inspiration.

night prep.

so as soon as i got home from work i got my bake on. i didn't want to make my cupcakes and muffins the night before cause i know they wouldn't taste as good.
i also got my cupcake idea on yep you guessed it. pinterest

and here is my version.
i really didn't think they looked all that great until everyone said i should open my own florist razorback shop bakery. guess they were good!

this cupcake recipe required egg whites ONLY. i swear never ever ever in my life have i ever been able to crack an egg and have no issues not getting shell everywhere. that's a true skill to have if ya got it. so egg whites only? i knew this was going to be tricky. i literally stood they for 6 minutes staring at the egg. like it would actually crack itself and the whites would just magically separate from the baby chicken yolk. it didn't. but thankfully after the first egg was a bust. literally. i was able to finally just pull the yolk apart from the was messy. it was no way correct. buuuttt i did it. whew. 
separate egg whites. check!


i tried coming up with some fun christmasy names to label all the food with.

the cupcake papers came with these cute little toppers that i used on the muffins.

i beegot to take a pic of the delicious breakfast casserole my momma made. i named it "blitzen's breakfast casserole."

blitzen mom also cooked the bacon for me. you can just refer to her now as the baconator.

yep. that's "mrs. claus' famous apple cider."

i found so much fun stuff for the party. from decorative table clothes to festive plates/napkins. and some big bright green/red cups for adult cold beverages.

i totally meant to take a pic of the awesome gift i got. i will later.
i gave the only non-christmasy gift. a giant decorative pear. some fights over that one. probably cause you wont have to pack it up in 20 days.

i know everyone had a wonderful time.
and i gave mrs. laura the prize for best pjs...damn i shoulda taken a pic with her and her prize...

my book wreath.
mrs. laura's pjs were BLACK (my fav color) with bright colored reindeer all over. i loved em.

i also really liked my mom's and my sister's but i can make them their very own book wreath if they want one. maybe i really should make them and sell them....

dont know what kat's lookin at.
probably this cute thang..

"you have the right to remain jolly"

hmmm what should i do for my next party?
would you come? lol.

tomorrow i will continue with my blog challege.
it's favorite FOODS! my favorite. and coincidentally my mom is fixin one of my favs for lunch tomorrow.
seriously i. am. crunk!!

"wait. i have question. how does hair grow? and how far inside your head does it go? does it touch your brain?"
[that 70s show]

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  1. Um, would I come? I would have driven to Arkansas JUST to go to this party, no lie. Is there anything you can't do? Seriously? I'm serious.