Friday, November 18, 2011

im down for a challenge

well i admit i have been a little m i a lately. sorry bout that. see, a close friend of mine passed away last friday. so i have been traveling and seeing well as attending a funeral. i haven't been to a funeral since 2007. i hope i don't have to go to another one again for quite some time.

that's just a little of what has been going on in this landlady's life.
i am also about to make some big changes at gameday. i am a little excited but also a little sad.
i'll talk more about that next week.

i have been seeing a little somethin somethin going around the blog land, which i thought we be kinda fun.

as you can see..i changed it up a little bit. it was "10 secrets" but come on! 10! that's a lot of secrets..too many in my book. lets be for real..i had to change that one. movies was number three but i don't think i could pick three movies if you paid me. that's like telling me to pick one piece of ain't happenin. so i was going to change it to secrets..but if i told you three secrets uhh they wouldn't be secrets. so we're doing wishes. now that i over explained everything way too much lets kick this off right with 10 MOViES!

i wanted to go with a theme. but i absolutely couldn't decide. i mean ya'll know how much i love movies right? it is pretty ridic, actually. so i just thought i would pick some of my most favorite of all time...the only theme i could see was they are all rated R..don't judge.
(sorry for two movie posts in one week..obvi i have a problem.)

most of these are very bloody and violent. i promise i am not a violent person. i am a HUGE fan of special effects, make up, and stunts. all of these have crazy insane effects. some stuff looks so when john travolta has to give uma thurman an adrenline shot in pulp fiction. its crazy...just crazy.
but that's why i love movies. i want it to feel real.

"that's gonna be 50 cents on the book. ok ok ok i'll do four dimes, two nickels. or we could do half a buck. Fine! one dollar and i'll take a half off."
[everything must go]


  1. How fun! I'll have to do this meme when get done with all my giveaways!

  2. what a fun post! love the 10 day challenge & can't wait to see what you'll post about!

    and sorry to hear about your friend passing away. that's really hard!!

    ps- I've got a giveaway going on now & would love for you to stop by :)