Monday, October 31, 2011

*Why is a quarrel like a bargain?

well ladies and gents..did you guys have an awesome halloween filled weekend??
i did!
seriously it was so much fun! i love costumes!
we all know that from this photo...

moving on...

this halloween i had already made up my mind on what i wanted to be.
it was really just a matter of finding all the pieces i needed to complete my look.
the three main pieces i found online. at none other than one of my favorite

can you guess yet?

i found my accessories at claires in the mall.

and then a bright red wig (try saying that 10 times fast) from one of the halloween stores in nlr.

all together.....

i used black sparkly felt for the question marks. then i used velcro to stick them to the dress. velcro so i can easily remove the silly question marks and wear the dress again for oh a date or st patty's day partay. you never know.

i went to a halloween costume party at a friends house on friday night. and then on saturday went with a group downtown for the halloween bar crawl.
it was so much fun! several people loved my costume.

what a fun weekend. and i already have been thinking of ideas for next year.

my sister and bro n law dressed up also and i looovve the outcome of the costume. my sissy also made her, gary's, and little elliott's costume.
a sweet little family photo.

today i have halloween on the hill up at gameday. all the businesses in park hill..the neighborhood gameday is their businesses for trick or treaters. it's a safe way for everyone to trick or treat. and it really is a lot of fun seeing all the cute little kids in their costumes.
last year we ran out of candy before it even was close to being over with so i am going to go to sam's later to get loaded up.

hope everyone has a fun filled candy crazy night!
*it takes two to make it...
what did you dress up as?

"it's like watching a fight between two beanbags"
[that 70s show]


  1. LOVE your costume! And great idea to reuse dress! I unfortunately didn't dress up this year, but I am wearing my orange and black!

  2. Love the costume! It turned out so cute, glad you had fun!