Friday, October 21, 2011

those kooky tenants

oh my world! is anyone as exhausted as i am? i don't know what it is but i am just pooped out. for reals. with the boss being outta town i've had to hold down the fort..
so much has been going on this week and its been up to little ole me to take care of business. eh.

i've been having some issues with a couple of tenants.
issues that make me very very angry.
and there's really nothing i can do about it.
i'm really really trying not to get stressed over them but it's definitely wearing me out.
i had to call my grandpa. that man knows how to get stuff done. but even he can't do anything either.
ugh. it's so irritating. just pay your freaking rent! everybody else has are no different, ya know.
hey i don't get it but i'm not going to let it ruin my weekend.
but come monday...locks are gunna change!

i'm also working on geting gameday's christmas stuff together.
we have gotten all kinds of fun stuff in. like:
12 red wreaths
12 white wreaths
12 small white christmas trees
red garland
white garland
2 white six foot christmas trees
4 red six foot christmas trees

on the wreaths we decided to decorate six of each color and then sell the others plain.
yep, yours truly, gets to decorate the wreaths. i got my aunt to help because wow decorating 12 wreaths is a job. a job i'm not cut out for.
plus i have to decorate a red tree and a white tree. and then find a place to put all this madness.
i'll be working on the majority of that stuff next week. i have a couple of ideas in my head.
all i can say is it is going to be quite a project.

here's a sneak peek of some of the wreaths.

i also made the christmas ornaments. i just bought clear ornaments, cut up a razorback scarf and stuck it down in the ornament. then tied a little red ribbon around it. i'm also going to get some red & white paint to put in some..but i wanna use those for the christmas trees.

i have got to order some ornaments but i'll save that for next week.
the plan is to get all the wreaths done today. so next week i can focus on the trees. also i will have to dig out my red christmas lights that i put around the store.
WOW can you believe that christmas is right around the corner? crazy. just crazy.

i dont have huge plans for the weekend. mainly just getting my mind off of kooky tenants.
i am going to hot springs tonight because today is..
i just can't believe he is the big two oh! ahhh thats nuts!

i am so proud of you. i can't believe we are grown ups now. i swear it was just yesterday we were getting in trouble for ramming your hot wheels into the front door or sliding down the banister or even fighting and begging one another "dont tell mom," or even revealing what we got each other for christmas way before christmas day.
you are the best little brother and i know you are going to achieve amazing things.
now you just have one more year till you're twenty one..and believe me it will fly by!
keep up the good work, continue to be a genuine friend, and remember yo sistas always got your back.

just a little mushy gushyness for your friday.
have a wonderful weekend cyber pals.

"i found lots of things disturbing. like undertow or department store santas. being alone with a baby."


  1. I'm the same way. I can't get away with not paying my bills or walk in somewhere and ask them to not charge me. It's crazy what people ask for!

  2. I am loooooving those wreaths, seriously girlie! Awesome!