Friday, October 7, 2011

she can fight. she can climb. she can meow.

this is piper.
i'm sure yall have heard me talk about her too much on my blog.
but she's my bestfriend.

i officially moved out on my own in 2008.
i lived by myself in a small apartment here in nlr. i had only been living in my apartment for about two weeks when i decided i needed a roomie.

so i went to the animal shelter on august 13, 2008 to look for a little furry friend to take home with me.
i didn't want to pay the $400 pet deposit. so i decided to keep her a secret.
i knew i wanted a girl and i wanted one who would keep quiet.

when i entered the room. every single kitten began to meow and crawl up my leg.
all but one.
she was sitting in the window. and she didn't make a sound.
i knew then, that she was the one.

i got to take her home with me that day.
she was small. and scared.
but eventually she got used to me.

i'm pretty sure she was abused before she came to live with me.
she doesn't sit in my lap. she doesn't like to snuggle. and it takes her awhile to warm up to anyone.
but she loves to be where i am at. if she doesn't know when i am she will meow until i yell out for her.
then she races as fast as she can to come sit right by me.

she loves afghans. sitting in the window. teriyaki chicken. her ball. riding in the car. bobbypins & ponytails. the foot of the bed. chasing bugs & eating them. sleeping in drawers & duffel bags. climbing. the laundry hamper. and me.
she may not be the best of showing it but i know she loves me.
and i'm positive that God made her especially for me.

she is deathly afraid of the broom and trashbags.
which makes me believe she was definitely abused.
she does love to ride in the car. i mean love. in the car is the only time she has ever sat in my lap.

she's a very tall and long kitty.
and you can tell she never misses a meal.
she loves to run, jump, and climb.

and i can't explain how much she means to me.
on my worst days she knows something is wrong and won't leave me alone until i have cheered up.
i thank God every single day for blessing me with such a great pet.
she's not just my pet, she's my bestfriend.  :)

"well for your information, if i send in 80 empty frito bags i get a free remote control car which i was going to give to you after i played with it only just a little. now, that is love!"
[that 70s show]


  1. What a sweetie. Glad you saved her.

  2. Your cat is beautiful!!! I've always had a cat!! I just love them! :)

  3. Ahh, that's so sweet and she's such a pretty kitty. I miss having cats.

  4. Piper is ADORABLE! I'm a sucker for cats...especially tiger stripped ones :) My first cat looked like her (he was a little bit darker and MUCH fatter) and he'll always have a special place in my heart.

  5. A cat that loves to ride in the car? Wow! My cat pitifully meows and cries when she has to ride in the car.

    She has such a sweet face :)