Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pumpkin spice and everything nice

okay another wednesday is upon us. i love wednesdays. just means we are that much closer to the weekend. oh and i getta share all the things i am LOVIN.

jamie had the right idea when she came up with what i'm lovin wednesday.
check out her blog. write a post. and link back. i wanna see what you're lovin, too.

first off all. i am absolutely LOVIN my new header!! ahhhhhh! i worked super hard on it and i finally have it exactly how i want it. i was so excited to show my momma and sissy. i just want to show it off to the world!! sorry..but i uh i'm pretty freakin stoked it turned out so well. cause believe it or not, this fool, is not so computer savy. i know. shocker.

i'm also LOVIN me some instagram. what what. i know i'm always lovin me some instagram but there for awhile it was being a little goofy and not saving any of my pictures.
so glad they got the kinks figured out. and i can continue taking quadtrillion pictures with it.

and movin on. i mentioned that i was throwing my sissy a baby shower in november. well i have a fantastic team together and i know this shower is gonna be the bomb diggity.
i have several ideas flowing around in my head. i started makin the decorations yesterday.
i'm not going to show too much since my sis reads my blog but we did get the invitations out and they look awesome! i'm LOVIN it.

i got all of my inspiration via pinterest duh, right.

oh my world. i am so excited.

just so you know..halloween is in 12 days. oh man oh man i have the BEST halloween costume idea. not going to tell you guys just yet. you'll have to wait till it's completely finished. but i did find the main piece and i am LOVIN it. i just know it is going to look tight!

i will probably freeze my butt off. oh well it will be totally worth it.

i went to kohl's last friday. i bought a black dress and new heels but i also got a skinny belt set. i've been on the look out for a cute skinny belt annnnddd i found it! totally LOVIN em.

and like many of you i am also LOVIN pinterest it's my favorite.
here's some of the pins i just absolutely adore:

this rug makes me drool.

i want this whole outfit.


cutest nursery eva!

i want this! the cut. the color. the whole 9 yards.

i am in LOVE. i want this office so bad! maybe in the near future. i would keep my wrap around desk but have everything else. those cubby holes are a must have in my book.

and lastly, people, i am LOVIN scarves. i have worn a different one everyday this week. seriously keeps my neck nice and warm..especially with my limited amount of hair.

go link up with michelle and jamie
it's as easy as pumpkin pie.

"let me tell ya something, andy. don't ever be named dan."
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  1. Loving your inspiration for the that image!

    And girl, today it's FINALLY fall in the south & I can't wait to put on my scarf....just gotta find somewhere I NEED to go:)

  2. So many things to comment on!
    1. The green dress. My guess is a slutty Gumby! (But I'm not calling you a slut. FYI!)Love the dress!
    2. Baby shower pics are so cute!
    3. LOVE the skinny belts. Wish I could pull them off.
    4. Finally, love the other pins!

  3. I love your inspiration for the shower! :-)

    I have that nursery pinned too. I LOVE it. And I wish I could pull off that red hair with the purple!

  4. So much stuff to love, seriously. Love it all.

    I want that hair color too! Though I don't wanna go short haha...

  5. Wow, so many things I like haha! Those belts are so cute! And I love both outfits- the one of the girl standing by the door and the green dress! So cute!

    Hope you have a great day!

  6. Great pins and things your loving this week! I have been obsessed with scarves lately too! They are so fun and add a lot to every outfit.

  7. I can't wait for the shower! I'm loving the inspiration!

  8. great things you're loving this week! good luck with the shower! love your inspiration!