Tuesday, October 4, 2011

let me show you how to rabble rouse

..i hate how ghetto blogger can be..

anyways i promise i haven't disappeared. i'm just trying to catch up after my staycation last week.
i will have to update you on what i did during my staycay.
well not much. that's for sure. i watched a ton of movies. and a ton of commentaries.
if you haven't watch a movie's commentary don't knock it till ya try it. just sayin.

i also did some shopping. as well as take a girls trip to dallas.
i will definitely be doing an update on dallas. i wanna get some pictures though first. cause of course, yours truly, didn't take any. why do i suck at that? i mean i used to be a photographer for the school district. you would think i would be a photog takin fool.
but sadly i am not..

i cannot believe it is already october!!

i have sooooooooooo much going on this month.
it is insane.

like, this weekend i am going to hot springs to see bff.

as well as go to arkadelphia to see my lil brother perform in his very first tiger tunes at obu.
(where i used to live)
also rent is due this week. and i have four new tenants!! i'm trying to get them all sitchiated.
then the weekend of the 15th i have a wedding to go to in northwest arkansas. it should be lots of fun.

i also need to start planning my sissy's baby shower that i am throwing her in november.

oh and it's fair season! ahhh the arkansas state fair. one of my most favorite things about fall. no, i'm not a big fan of the rides i just like to go for the food! like funnel cakes, huge corn on the cobbs, fried twinkies, turkey legs, caramel apples...all kinds of heart attack amazing food!

annnddd..who could forget about HALLOWEEN!
i am a feen for scary movies! that's one of my fav things about halloween..all the best thriller movies come out this time of year.
i usually decorate my house for this holiday.

 but i don't think i am going to this year.
mainly because i am lazy.
i'm just going to do fall decorations. so i can keeop them up for more than one month.
speaking of fall decorating.
i have a ton of craft project i am going to do for it.
first is a new wreath for my front door. plan on tackling that tonight. whoo!

wow. looks like i have tons going on this month.
dallas update coming soon.

i hope everyone had a grrreat weekend!
i did.

i love this.

happy tuesday!
family dinner tonight. chicken pot pie. best. mom. ever.

"mom, please. i have shananiganed in about six years. i've hooliganed. i've no goodniked. i've ne'er done well. just yesterday i found myself rabble-rousing."
[that 70s show]

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  1. Sooo much fun! Glad you had a good staycation! :)