Monday, October 10, 2011

it's like living with glee-glop

so the weekend went by entirely too fast. i can't believe it's already the week..again. ugh.
i'm ready for the weekend.
i have lots going on this week, so i know it will go by fast.

this weekend i ended up being pretty busy.
friday i went to a movie with miss amy. we saw dream house and it ended up being totally different than i expected.
before the movie we went to starbucks for pumpkin spice fraps. oh and to see if "cute boy" was workin.
he wasn't.
and after the movie we chilled at my crib and gossiped.
love hanging out with her. thats my girl.

saturday i woke up early.
but instead of getting up and ready..i was slob and went back to sleep.
i didn't wake up again until 1 eek! didn't mean to sleep that late!
see, i was supposed to be in hot springs...
the fam and i were meeting in arkadelphia to watch tunes and see my lil bro.
i didn't finally make to hot springs till 4
tunes started at 5 and my hair looked like a rat's nest. seriously.
but i finally left hot springs around 430..makin me about 15 minutes late. who cares, i'll take it!
tunes was good! it's insane because i thought all the "kids" looked super young..and i guess they are.
we ate at fat boys in caddo.
it was sooooo goooood.
i ate a hamburglar. yum.
then i headed back to hot springs while the fam went back to nlr.
yep, i stayed at the lakehouse all by my lonesome. my sis & mom both said they would be scared.
buuttt..i stay by myself every night. so i wasn't phased. i'm no sissy.
i just stayed up late, watched some tv, and relaxed.
it was nice having the place to myself.

sunday morning i woke up and got ready for the day.
i had plans to hang out with bff.
i was so excited to see her! we haven't been able to see each other as much as we used to.
i headed to their place around 10:00.
stormi and i sat around and talked while we wait for caleb to wake up.
they just got a new pup and he is too cute. for reals.
stormi ended up making pancakes for everyone
and no joke they were amazing.
big & fluffy. just how i like em.
i didn't stay long. i wish i could have but i needed to get back to nlr.
my aunt had a cookie lee party at her house.
of course i bought something because i am obsessed with cookie lee earrings.
plus she had snacks! mom and i stood by the snack bar for most of the party.
after cookie lee i took a short nap before community group.
we had wing stop and it. was. dank.
after barney, prayer requests, and goodbyes..i sat around with mom and seester and we talked about brooke and jonathon's new bundle of joy, paisley.
she has the sweetest little lips.

all in all it was a pretty busy and exciting weekend.
i love weekends like that.
my favorites.

this week i should be busy also.
i have bunko tomorrow night. hope i win.
also i am officially starting baby shower planning. i really am looking forward to it.
i have some fun ideas that for sure.

seeing as it's monday i figured this would be a good time to share some movies.
i can never get enough movies.
it's gotten to the point where the dude at the movie place doesn't even ask my name anymore.
and yea they have more than one dude that works there...
everyone says i should just get netflix..maybe i will in the future. i seriously have been thinking about getting internet at the crib so i can do some weekend blog posts..
we'll see if that ever happens.

on with the movies

ooh i just can't get enough movies.
given the chance to have one job it would be a movie critic.
what did you do this weekend? you see any movies?

"dude, i just spent the afternoon in middle-earth with glee-glop and the floopty-doos, all right? give me a freaking break."
[role models]

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  1. I haven't seen very many of those yet, but I LOVED Bridesmaids! I just bought it and have already watched it way too many times :)