Wednesday, October 5, 2011

i'm goin in.. where should i begin?

it's wednesday. whoo hoo! annnd we are that much closer to the weekend.
who loves the weekend? *raises both hands* this chick, that's who.
sleeping in, seeing friends, staying up later than usually..i could go on forever, baby. (name that movie)
i have plans to go to hot springs this weekend to hopefully see my bff and to see my lil bro @ obu.
i love weekend plans.

speaking of love...i have a couple of other things i am lovin.

this fall wreath. i made it yesterday afternoon after work.
it turned out even better than i hoped.

my new computer. when i came back from my staycay this baby was in my office.
it's very different. but i like it.
plus i think it will come in handy when i finally get my new landlady software.

candy corn!
i bought a huge bag and i've been nibbling on it the past couple of days.

**i also love my tenants. it's rent week. did i ever tell ya how much i look forward to rent week?
i havent? well i do.
a good bit of my tenants come in and pay with cash. instead of just sending it in the mail. and they love to chat and are so very greatful that i am their landlady.
i just try to be the best landlady i can be. cause i've totally have had some bitchy landladys in the past.
and to be quite honest, i think everybody deserves a break or a second chance.
unless you're mean to me....then i'll just evict you.
(yes. i've done that before)

and yes..i would rather deal with tenants than razorback fans.
just sayin.

lastly this little chunk of fur.
seriously my life would be incomplete without her. :)
even when she bites my toes.

what about you?
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"having a tongue feels so strange. it feels like having a tail in your mouth."
[knocked up]

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  1. That wreath is so adorable. I keep thinking I need to make myself a fall wreath...