Tuesday, October 11, 2011

i am a recovering lazy bum

welp. it finally happened.
yep. i have finally decorated for fall.

i dont know if yall remember but last year was my very first year to decorate my little crib for fall.
my mom gave me all kinds of fun fall decor.

i wasn't going to decorate this year but what kind of spirit is that?
and amy came over and was a little disappointed that i didn't even have one pumpkin out on display.
i pulled out all the fixins and my little place looks so festive!

i think the main reason i didn't want to decorate is because i am..well..i'm lazy.
and my storage room looks like this...

um. can we say..out. of. control..
and half of this stuff is just because i am too lazy to take it to savers. or have a garage sale. or throw it on the side of the road.
maybe i'm just a packrat..yes i admit! whoo that took a load off.
anyways. because i am so lazy i guess i didn't take the time last year to actually organize. so..i had a little issues with finding all my fall junk.

yep. this fool, me..put it in the very very back underneath everything.
really? i have got to get more organized.
oh but wait..i'm lazy. ha!

so after finally taking everything out. grabbing the two bins of fall crap. and throwing putting it back in the storage room...i was finally ready to decorate.

i had a lot more halloween stuff then i remembered.
makes sense.
i mean halloween is pretty spooktackular!

and the decorating...begins!

[[hall bathroom]]

[[sofa table]]

[[have had this for forever]]


[[cat candle given to me by my momma]]



i changed things up a bit this year.
like, i didn't put anything on my dining table..i use that for guest chats, mail, and magazines.

moving on to the front porch...

nothing too special.
i might trade those small fake pumpkins for a larger version of the real deal.

just added the "enter at your own risk" sign to my already festive wreath.

i might add a couple more things to the front porch.
if not..than who cares it's still pretty festive.

and i didn't use all the decor.

i still had pinecones, fake leaves, and more pumpkins left over.
but everything looks so cute. and i am glad i stopped being so lazy and did some decorating!
and i can keep most of it out till i start my christmas decorating.


last week i did four gift baskets.
ooh surprise i know! ha!

just because i can. i'll show them off.
like i said i did four but only have pictures of three.
the other one was for the arkansas aids foundation.




whew. and i don't have another one knock on wood i have to do till later this month.
it is for my grandmother's church. easy peasy.


o my lanta.
i have got lots to do today before i go to bunko tonight.
oil change.
baby shower jobs.
shower..for me.
yada yada yada

here's hoping i'll win at bunko!
or at least the boobie for pete's sake!

"there's an old saying: don't look a gift horse in the knob."
[that 70s show]

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  1. damn girl!! You have a ton of cute fall stuff! I love how you decorated everything. And um my storage closet looked just like yours. Like maybe even worse. Now I just moved and have no clue where all my fall stuff is. I'm on the hunt for it though. Your post just totally inspired me to get on it!