Wednesday, October 12, 2011

get down with tha get down

well, homies, it's that time again.
it's wednesday. wow. maybe this week is going to go by fast.

hop on over to jamie's blog and share some of your loves, too!

*first and foremost...i am LOVIN my followers.
i'm almost to fifty. and this make me very happy!
you guys are fabulous.
i absolutely LOVE getting comments from yall. seriously it makes my day!
[[if you are a new follower, tell me, so i can check out your blog, too]]

**secondly...i am LOVIN all my fall decorations.
i did some major fall decorating and i gotta say the place is looking pretty freakin great!
check out my crib's festiveness HERE

***let's see. number three...killa cam sent me two pics of our weekend in dallas and whooo did they make me laugh.
the first night we dressed in theme..Lady Gaga
clearly i took the theme a little too seriously.
hey when you say dress in costume..i'm gonna dress in a freakin costume!

oooo that was a fun weekend. sorry i don't have any pics in normal clothes..but who wants to be normal? not me..obviously.

****moving on to number four...if yall didn't know. the lion king came out of the disney vault.
also dumbo
and fox & the hound
annnddd my favorite disney movie..the great muppet caper.
yeah..clearly i'm a loser if i get crunk about some disney movies.
i am crunk and i'm LOVIN adding the four favs to my growing dvd library.

if you haven't seen any of these. do it!
especially the great muppet caper.

*****i think i'll end with five...with a pumpkin spice frap!
i have been having these little suckers the past couple of weeks. i swear i cannot get enough.
sooo good.
probably going to get one after work.
or for lunch.

go get you one today.
you won't regret it.

well, did you link up!
you should. it's fun. and i wanna see what you're lovin, too.

"your face looks like robin williams' knuckles."
[knocked up]


  1. Love the fall decor! Hope you have a great Wednesday!

  2. Last week I ordered the Great Muppet Caper! LOVE it! (but PS. Its not originally a Disney movie. Disney bought the distribution to it.)

  3. Your blog always puts me in a good mood : ) Yes, fall decor is just awesome and I love it too! Your Lady Gaga get-up is perfection. I think Gaga would be very proud!

  4. I should have known you could get pumpkin spice in a frap. Why didn't? We have been drinking almost one a day since they came out a while ago and we decided to help the budget and make our own (even though nothing is exactly the same). Love you blog! :)

  5. yay for candy corn!!! and old disney movies!! :)

    thanks for stopping by my blog!

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog! I STILL haven't had pumpkin spice anything this fall. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!

  7. great thins you're loving this week! I loved seeing Lion King in 3D in theaters. that was just awesome. and I am totally in love with the pumpkin spiced latte. I'm getting about 1 a week right now :)

  8. HI!! Thanks for finding my blog! SO nice to meet you!