Monday, October 17, 2011

directions smirections.

well. did everyone have a fabulous weekend?
i sure did! i had loads of fun. i wish it was still the weekend. don't i always.
i have lots to share with you today. it may get a little random because it's just all kinds of different pictures i've taken on ye ole iphone over the last couple of weeks.

this weekend was so. much. fun.
i had a wedding i went to in north west arkansas, where i used to live.
i moved to fayetteville in 2009 but was only there for about 6 months. i missed nlr. my friends. and my family. so i came home. it was a good decision. but i hadn't been to fay since then so it was a little nostalgic returning this weekend.

remember i went to dallas at the beginning of this month for a bachelorette party?
well that's whose wedding i attended this weekend.
and let me just say i had a ball!!
it really was so much fun. the wedding was short and sweet and the reception was a blast!
as well as the "after party"

i left on saturday afternoon with cam's momma, mrs. lively.
we drove the 3 hours up together since cameron had to be there earlier that week.

i had went out friday after work to look for a new dress.
i found exactly what i was looking for. a simple black dress.

and the perfect heels to give it some pow!
sky high heels, at that. they ended up giving me the worst blisters but it was totally worth it.

i got this little ensemble from kohl's. i always forget about kohl's cause it's way across town but i swear they have some GREAT stuff. i saw several boots, dresses, jackets, and purses i just have to have.

anyways mrs. lively and i left around three. we made it to fay just in time to get ready and make it to the church.
we did kinda get a little turned around but finally made it to the ceremony only 5 minutes late.
like i said it was short and sweet. kat looked absolutely gorgeous. i wanted her dress. it was perfect. so classy. i love wedding gowns like that.
i told her she should cut it off and make it into a short dress.
i mean we do that with our prom dresses. it could work for your wedding dress, too, right?
i mean it's just gonna stay in a bag in the back of you guest bedroom's closet.
just a thought.

so. the reception was at savers..well it's called mermaid now.
there was food, sweets, dancing, and an open bar.
we all had so much fun dancing, eating, and just being silly.
i aimed to take some pictures. but the dee jay wasn't the best in playing jams that people actually they had me plug in my ipod. what can i say? i listen to great music..great party music, anyway.
cam told me i should deejay on the side. i wish.
let me know if you need me to come dj yo partay.

after the reception, we took cam's mommy back to the hotel.
and headed to dixon.
after bar hopping, we decided to move the party to a house.
cam and i ended up staying out till close to 4 in the morning. ahhh!

it was a long trip back. and crashed hard when i got home.
but the weekend was great! and i'm ready for another one.

piper was sooooo excited to see me.
she even snuggled with me while i took a nap.
i swear i love that girl so much.

sunday night after my very long cat nap, i went to my momma's and watched some tv.
we are so csi feens. i swear. we love it!

i'm sure yall seen this little orange bug on my blog a good bit.
this is my mom's cat..well my brother's mom just takes care of her.
her name is ginger but we just call her, orange kitty. 
she has a sissy who was my cat. yada yada ya get the picture.
but i swear this little one is so photogenic. always doing the cutest little things.

see? so sweet.
her sister..gracie..aka grey kitty, isn't quite as sweet. she just gets jealous and wants all my mom's attention.

she's actually pretty photogenic, also.
they could be in those cat calendars.

and moving on..
i told you it was going to be random.

after getting back home sunday night and taking a shower i decided i need to go through my coin jars and see how much money i could collect together.
i pulled out all the quarters and dimes.
and this is what i collected..all from one jar.

i went through another jar of quarters i got ten extra dollas.
whoo hoo!
now it's just a matter of getting those coins turned into dollas..

while sifting through the coins i found these..

i needed to save that chuckie cheese token because..?

i was obvi a little bored.

after separating all the coins.
i got on pinterest. love that site. one of the best things for boredom..then 3 hours go by lol.
i just downloaded the app and that might have been a bad idea..kinda like the amazon app.

isn't this the cutest?
and i'm not even a ring fan.

well there ya go, folks.
and little randomness for your monday.
don't worry. i have a feeling this week is gonna go by fast.

"i don't know if you remember me. i was at your wedding. i was the one that was table dancing all night."
[grown ups]

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