Tuesday, September 20, 2011

we just wanna get kicks for free

ok, the weekend went by entirely way too fast. and this week is going to go by entirely way too slow. i can already feel it. i think it has a lot to do with the fact that i am taking my vacation next week. yep, a whole entire week off from work. no, i am not going anywhere. i wish.
i just want to take it easy, work on some art projects, start planning seeter's baby shower, organize my storage room, SHOP, and ride my bike.

also, next friday i am leaving with cam and autumn to head to dallas for our friend kat's bachelorette party.
i'm really looking forward to it. i can't remember the last time i went on a little vacay with a group of girlie girls. i'm sure there will be an entire post on our little dallas adventure weekend..maybe multiple.

so the days are starting to cool down and that means i can start shopping for new fall clothes pulling out my fall wardrobe. i absolutely can't get enough boots, hats, scarves, hoodies, and cardigan sweaters.
but seriously i would much rather wear shorts, tank tops, bikinis, and sandals. one day that will be my all year attire. one day.

well my weekend was great! as usual.
i love getting to see all of my friends. i am truly blessed with the best friends ever. seriously.

actually before the weekend, on thursday, my amys and her shweet band played at white water tavern.
they did so great. i had a lot of fun.
she writes all her own songs. and i absolutely love all of them. the first song they play was new orleans which is one of my favs. she also played anne boleyn which is my favorite. its just i can really relate to that particular one.
i need to record her singing it and put it on here.

she opened for another band so it was a short show but they did awesome.
and i am so very proud of her.

not only did amy's band play last week but so did my good friends, the toneados.
the played on saturday and sunday. but i only attended the saturday show.
i had a lot of fun hanging out with all them. they're a really fun band to watch.


also on saturday, i went to another roller derby game to cheer for my friend, amanda.
i'm telling you, this game was brutal. although they didn't win they played very tough. the other team was not playin..they literally had no fear. none. zip. i woulda been scared to death!
i'm sure they were worn out by the end.
it really is a fun sport to watch.

so this post is pretty random.

i'm sure i mentioned that gameday had a record week the week of the fifth through the eleventh.
well it had lots to do with the little rock home game but mainly it was because of these:

yep, gameday was the only store in central arkansas to have the memorial shirts everyone was wearing for the first home game.

and i got to thinking about it and i opened gameday a year ago last week.
and it's doing fantastic!
we've changed things up. a lot.

things have got easier and "more official" with this baby:

it seriously is a lifesaver.

like i said next week i plan on doing a little fall shopping.
for decor and for clothes. basically just feeding my addictions.
i mean i gotta find some cute hott clothes for dallas! i mean the bachelorette party is lady gaga themed.
just saying..things may get a little gaga.

speaking of hott clothes...

isn't it just to. die. for.
oooohh awwwww i'm in love.

clothes will always be my one true love.
from an expensive party dress to a five dolla tee from walmart.

(i have two guy friends who have nicknamed me kool-aid)
hoping that's a good thing


along with shopping i am definitely going to clean out some closets.
including my own. i'm started to lose room.
i'm awful when it comes to giving away my clothes. i have tubs full of unworn clothes that i just cant bare to give away.
rebecca bloomwood and i are too much alike.
((yep, i can totally relate to a fictional character.))

hmmm i think i was talking about cleaning and i got off on shopping. again.
i obviously have a problem.
but let me explain something. when i'm shopping, my life is better. i stop worrying about the things that make me worry. money situations. friend situations. family situations. work situations.
i've explained it before and this is still true.

i've kind of been worried about something.
i need to take care of this "something" soon....but until i have the guts to just do it..then the mall..no shopping period, is my outlet.
it's the perfect world to disappear to.

let's hope i make the right decision.

what about you? do you shop as much as i do?

"if you got time to breathe, you got time for music."

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  1. That dress is adorable, and YAY for vacation! Seriously wish I could take a week just to relax and make art. Heaven.

    Hope everything turns out good with your decision. I am trying not to shop, i need to saves my money!