Friday, September 16, 2011

wait till i get my money right

i just wanted to do a small post before i left the office.

i have a pretty exciting weekend ahead.
one of my really good friends is in town and i'm hoping i'll get to see him as possible this weekend.
my homegirl, amanda, has a roller derby match i am for sure going to on saturday afternoon.
the toneados have a couple of shows that may go to
and i'm gunna fit in as much QT with my homies as i can.

i just live for the weekend!

here's some fun things that happened to me in two thousand ten:

have a fun weekend, homies.
and most importantly be safe rock out!

"i'm the best cousin you got. if it wasn't for me you would be gettin punked all the time. and i keep you safe and i keep you warm, cause you know how lil kim-ish you are sometime."
[next friday]

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