Thursday, September 8, 2011

take me out to the field..uh crowd

last night i went with killa cam to the arkansas travelers game!
this was their second to last game and we only went to one all season. i really enjoy watching baseball. it's pretty easy to follow.
and who doesn't love cute boys in tight pants? just sayin.

one thing i also really love is the food. i had been looking forward to a funnel cake all day.
and i got one!
along with a dankalicious philly cheese steak that i split with cam.

we both met up with our friend amber. we all went to high school together. amber was there with her boytoy boyfriend and his family. we all had a really good time together.....when we weren't dodging foul balls. i swear those things scare me to death. i'm not trying to end up like simon burch's mom.

cam and i got there a little late so we missed out on getting our free mustache. i guess the first hundred people got a fake mustache to wear during the game.
killa and i were a little disappointed we missed out. but amber let us use one of hers.

there also was a group of high school girls, braces and all, sitting in front of us wearing shirts they had made with the first baseman's number and name. anytime he would turn to the crowd they would scream as if he was justin bieber.
you could tell he was super embarrassed.
i'm sure the rest of the team made fun of him.

and the thing is..he wasn't even cute.

we had a good time.
my funnel cake hit the spot.
and the weather was super nice even a little chillty.

first baseman #15 up to bat!

happy thursday!

"wow, man. first a new dad, now a new sister? it's like you hit the orphan lottery."
[that 70s show]

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