Tuesday, September 13, 2011

perfect little gift baskets all tied up in string

i got lots of work to do but i wanted to show off a little of what i did last thursday @ work.
seeing as football season has started i've had several requests for donations.
you'd be surprised at how many people want gameday to just donate some money....

well i'm not going to do that.
especially if you come in my store with a huge sale's pitch of why i should give you money and then don't even have the decency to look around or by two dolla lapel pin.

but there have been several fans people who have come in, been super friendly, and have actually purchased something...and those are the people i like to donate too.
and usually "these people" arent wanting me to donate a hundred dolla check they simple want me to donate something razorbacky.
and then they get so overjoyed when i tell them i would love to donate a gift basket.

so last week i donated five razorback gifts baskets to three different organizations.
and then i sold four gift baskets to another.
i have donated to bff's company before so this time they wanted to pay.
and i was not complaining.

i do enjoy putting them together.
seeing what fits. it's kind of like a puzzle.
but the one's i giveaway i want to go to a really good cause.
and i think i've been a good judge of that.

the first one went to beyond boundaries for a fundraiser they are having sometime this month.

the second was for a golf tourney in jacksonville. mr. cavin was super duper excited about the basket.
he said they are having it for a silent auction at the tourney.
he's a regular at gameday so i'm sure he'll put down some bids.

the last three i donated to my church. they were having a beth moore simulcast for all the park hill women.
they gave jessica made razorback gift baskets away for door prizes.
and they were a big hit!




like i said i also sold four baskets to bff's company each for $75 dollas. holla!
they do some kind of convention for water for people, which is basically providing clean water for you and for me.

i did two razorback baskets but i also got to switch things up and do two other schools.
lsu and oklahoma.
i was pretty excited.
the lsu one ended up being my favorite.
that doesn't mean i'm switching teams or anything. i'm still a chargers razorback fan.

i worked really hard to get all these done before the weekend.
it feels great to scratch them off my to-do list.


speaking of gifts.....have yall heard about the really really tight giveaway going on at one of my blog favorites?????
well..you needs to hop on over to kori's blog blonde episodes and check out her giveaway
she's giving away a $50 gift card to one of my most favorite places

that's right fiddy dollas!
i can think of so many things i would spend it on

what about you? what would you get?
if you arent following kori yet than you should!


also a couple of months back i designed a razorback button.
well i'm pulling a huge order for the gameday at jenkins and we've gotten a lot of new stuff in...
which included the button i designed!

that razorback and those letters are drawn by yours truly.
i didn't think they kept my design but they did.

we took them to the game on saturday and it outsold the other button by a landslide.
as an artist i can't express the appreciation i get one someone wants to wear something i designed.
or hang a painting in their house that i painted.
i got so many compliments and it's going to be super weird seeing it on the shelves at walmart or any other retailer.

maybe i'll end up doing some for different schools.
that is if the old man lets me.

happy tuesday!
i have bunko tonight! i really hope i win something!
and i might even going to the pump if i'm not too sweepy whooping some bootay at bunko!

"i went to school for that. Civilization University."
[next friday]

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  1. I think those gift baskets are such a good idea for a good cause :-) You did a great job putting them together :-)