Thursday, September 22, 2011

i taste just like candy

sometimes it's nice to know when something is okay.

Its Ok Thursdays

it's ok...that i usually eat nothing but ice cream and candy for dinner..

it's ok...that i watched bridesmaids three times in a row..

it's ok...that during the scene, when she's watching castaway, i cried cause that's the scene he loses wilson..
(yes, all three times)

it's ok..that i am looking forward to having maragritas in the middle of the day on my staycation..

it's ok..that i have gone to starbucks twice this week just to see if "cute boy" was working...

it's ok..that i bought the player's club on dvd only because ice cube is in it....

it's ok..that i clean and do laundry in my underwear..

it's ok..that i just drove around by myself yesterday with the top off my jeep..

seriously though..i probably need to go to the dentist.
and i obviously watch way too many movies.

o well. i think it'll be okay.
happy thursday!

"yea it it. that scratch make it real ugly. make you not even wanna drive it."
[next friday]


  1. I think it's OK.

    I LOVE Bridesmaids!

  2. I'd watch Bridesmaids repeatedly too if given the opportunity. Doing your cleaning and laundry in your undies only makes sense - why get your clothes dirty while you're cleaning, then you just have to do more laundry and might possibly ruin your clothes! I have a specific outfit of totally grungie otherwise unwearable clothes just for cleaning house.

  3. I literally LOL'ed reading this post!! So cute! I also watched Bridesmaids twice so far in the past 24 hours. SO funny!! xox

    I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like :)


  4. I haven't seen Bridesmads, yet but really want to - Cast Away made me cry - and I loved the Players Club also b/c Ice Cube was in it!!! I need to join in on It's Okay Thursdays - maybe I will today!

  5. Now I want ice cream and candy! thanks hooker! lol

  6. loveeee bridesmaids. freaking hilarious.

    and i clean and do laundry (and sometimes cook!) in my undies, too.