Wednesday, September 21, 2011

i'm back at it and i'm playing to win

hooray for wednesday!
that means we are almost done with this week. which also means i am so much closer to my vacay!
vacation all i ever wanted, vacation time to get away!
(thats probably not how it goes)

just thought i would tell yall what i have been totally lovin.


getting to wear my vintage beanie.
it belonged to my grandma. she got it in new york when she was twenty one.


the new update is super cool.


pumpkin muffins.
i had two huge ones (in a row) last week. so good.


all my new clothes.
i went shopping a couple a weeks ago and found some good stuff.
and i went again yesterday. (i had to use my VS coupons)
oh and you know i had to see my bff charlotte
here's the loot:

and the top i am wearing today:


did i mention i have my vacation next week?
oh i did. sorry. well, i'm tellin yall again!
even though i'm not going anywhere, i'm still excited to have a week off from work. just sayin.
all i know is i plan to:




and RELAX at this sweet oasis at the crib.

i do have a girls trip to dallas that weekend. so im sure i will procrastinate till the day we leave be preparing for that a good bit with killa. i know i can talk her into taking some days off.

so, what about you?
what are you digging?

"anything you think the government's not doing, they are doing. the only thing they didnt do is land a man on the moon. no no no no. spielberg shot the entire thing on a hollywood movie set."
[that 70s show]


  1. Oh, pumpkin muffins... Yummy!! :) Love all of your loves! Thanks for sharing, and have a great Wednesday!

  2. That vacation sounds like a dream, I love stay-cations! And all those cute clothes you just bought, great taste!

  3. love that hat, so cute and awesome that it's vintage and your grandmothers!

  4. enjoy your vacation! i love all the things you have planned!

    Trish @ Tales from ...

  5. i like your blog and the pics you choose for the post...
    on my blog there's a fashion competition..i wait you there..8)
    maybe we can follow each other if you like...