Monday, September 12, 2011

fans are crazy. seriously.

wow. my weekend went by way too fast.
i didn't getta sleep as much as i would have liked. i love me some sleepy time.

this weekend was filled with razorbacks, razorbacks, razorbacks..
the story of my life.

friday i worked late getting the store prepared for the crazy day we had on saturday.
and saturday i worked the crazy razorback football game. in which we won!
and sunday i watched a little bit of the game that my old man recorded. him and my cousin were both on national television.

gameday did insanely well on saturday.
i'm going to have to get my two employees a little somethin somethin for all their hardwork.

and i'm sure we did extremely well selling all the stuff at the little rock home game.
i worked booth 8 with my kickin ass and takin names partner, peggy.
we made a really good team and it actually wasn't as bad as last year. although i could think of a thousand different places i'd rather had been.
i am so happy my old man let us leave early...thanks to my pregnant sista.

but like i said the weekend went by waaayyyy too fast and i am ready for next weekend to come on with its bad self. just sayin.
at least i got to see all my friends. to me that's all that matters.


i did see a couple of movies since my last movie update.
today seemed like a good time to let yall know whats up on tha movies.

i'm waiting on price tags to be made for alllllll the trillion million merchandise i have to take up to gameday.
i am not even kidding we sold out of sooooooo much stinkin stuff on saturday.
like i tell a lot of folks. i just don't get it but i'm sure a lotta folks don't get my skeleton obsession...

ok ok ok ok here are the movies

i absolutely loved the king's speech. if you see any of these definitely see it. ohhh and the help.

ok i think i have procrastinated long enough.
have you seen any good movies lately?

"who knows where thoughts come from? they just appear."
[empire records]

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