Tuesday, September 6, 2011

and in tha morning i'm going shopping!

first of all i just wanna tell you guys that gameday has been kickin ass and takin names.
we had the BEST week we've had since opening and i know that's only the start of it.

i swear razorback fans DO NOT play!
i worked at gameday on saturday and it was non stop all day.
i am so HAPPY my little hogs won their very first game! for me that's a very good thing.

some people don't quite get the whole sec football thing. for me it's been my whole life. without sec football i wouldn't be who i am today. i know what you're thinking...that's totally weird but it's true. my old man and family have been in the sec souvenir business for as long as i can remember. there is something i've learned about football...fans will always be around and hardcore fans will always want to support their team.

gameday also sells all the razorback stuff at the two home games in LR.
this is one of our biggest projects. so much to do.
well the first home game is this weekend and i get the great joy of being around thousands of hardcore razorback fans.
luckily i don't have to work the game allllllll day. i don't have to set up my booth until 3 which gives me the opportunity to join in on some of the festivites.
because believe it or not i am a fan too and i want the razorbacks to win just like the next fan...course my reason might be a little different than your average fan.

see gameday is my baby and when it does good i do good.

this week will naturally be pretty busy. so i probably will only update this once.
i have to run up to the store and get things prepared for the weekend.

annnnddd i have late renters coming in to pay their september rent.
i have a pile of rent money on my desk right now that i have been sorting through all morning.
i really need to get my landlady software put on my computer because my rent book is getting outta control!
maybe after football season we can get me some decent software so i can keep up with my 72 and growing tenants.

guess what i did this weekend?!
yep i went SHOPPING!!

i have an obsession with clothes and accessories.
i am a strong believer in retail therapy.
having a stressful week? just hit up your favorite store.
best. therapy. ever.

why do i like clothes so much?
they allow me to express myself. to be creative. to choose pieces i think would work together to pull of an entire look.

i love fashion.

on saturday after work and after hunting for my sis' dog i decided i needed a little retail therapy.
so i headed to one of my favorite hot spots..
.charlotte russe.

i also enjoy me some foreva but i swear that place is waaayyy to overwhelming.
charlotte isn't quite as big and the customer service is 10 times better.

i am so GLAD i went on saturday because they were having a SALE!!
it was buy any two items get any other item for free. that's right. free.
i got tons of stuff..all for around 140 buckaroos!! yes that is a deal.

i absolutely love all the beautiful pieces i found to add to my growing wardrobe.

i know you're probably wondering about all the goods i got to bring home.
here we go:

my jewelry collection is starting to look like my closet...

and thats not including my necklaces and bracelets!!


last month jenkins enterprises hit 2 million in sales!
seww every employee got a hundred dolla gift card to wally world!!

and yes i spent mine in one day.
after leaving the mall i thought why not hit up walmart and see what goodies i can get.

here's the loot:

those are bakery made fudge rolls my friends.

1. face wash
2. moisturizer 
3. bobby pins
4. blackberry pie candle
5. eyeshadow

lots of fun stuff came into my possession this weekend.
i am lovin allllllllll of it.

annndd i finally found something i have been looking for...
i cannot wait to wear these this fall.

well what about you? did you find some good stuff this weekend?

"what you think? you think i'm going to jump off of here and end up like christopher reeve?"
[friday after next]

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