Wednesday, August 31, 2011

you are my boost of confidence

i cannot believe this but i officially have been bloggin for one whole year!!

happy birthday to my lil blog.
a lot can change in a year.

and i have come to the realization that I LOVE TO BLOG!
i think that mainly comes from my love of writing and taking pictures. blogging really is another way to show off my creative side. i love getting comments from fellow bloggers who like what i have to say and who follow me and wanna know what's going on in my own little world.
to me that is truly rewarding.

thank you so much to all the followers i have gained throughout the year.
i cannot describe how much it means to me.

it makes me feel special.

and gives me an extra boost of confidence.

so thank you to all my beautiful followers for sticking with me for a whole year.
i will continue to blog. my writing style has surely changed and i love all the positive feedback.
and please continue to read; i have some great things planned for my little blog's future....


yes, so much can change in a year. well it definitely has for me. looking back through 2010's project it just amazes me that "this" only happened a year ago.

i have grown so much this past year.
i have grown in my faith. my relationships. and my all around attitude about life.
and for the first time i have truly started to embrace life. not sweat the small stuff and live everyday to the absolute fullest.

i wanna see places, visit different countries, not be afraid to just try it, have adventures, experience new food, and live life with no regrets.
that's what life is about, right?

so what was i doing this time last year?

july 28, 2010
spent kasey's birthday on the beach in mexico.
[[this year we spent her birthday in the office, wishing we were at the beach]]

august 2, 2010
got piper her own little bed.
[[this was the first and only time she actually used it. it's filled with her toys now]]

august 3, 2010
sick. i had this weird "rash" on the back of my hand after getting back from cruisin
[[no more rash (whew) and luckily it didn't leave a scar]]

august 5, 2010
my sweet momma's birthday party at my sisters.
[[i didn't even see my mom on her birthday this year]]

august 7, 2010
got new tennis shoes.
[[definitely a well worth it purchase. they have come in handy for warehouse work and perfect for biking]]

august 9, 2010
first zumba lesson.
[[haven't zumba-ed since last year. wish i knew what happened to those white shorts]]

august 10, 2010
got my long locks all cut off!
[[one of the best decisions i've ever made. the hair is still short..but a little shorter than this pic and is a different color. it will never be long again]]

august 12, 2010
a day when i cleaned out the liberty.
[[the liberty is no longer with me :( but i love my wrangler way more]]

august 14, 2010
the "rash" disappeared.
[[that scar was there for a long time but now it is completely gone]]

august 17, 2010
weirdest thing ever. my toothpaste got lodged in my toilet. i have a cabinet above it and i constantly drop things into the bowl.
[[luckily i havent had an incident like this but i have continued to drop things..hairbrush, bandannas, lotion...]]

i feel as if my life is so humorous.
and perfect.
but i would be nowhere without my piper, friends, family, house, job, jeep, coworkers, and my followers.


"we come bearing gifts of frankincense, myrrh, and led zeppelin iv."
[that 70s show]


  1. Happy Bloggiversary! I'm glad you're blogging! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to your blog too! Love the recap of the past year!