Friday, August 12, 2011


okay so once again i apologize for not updating.

this week has how shall i put it..

yea that's a good word to describe this week. overwhelming.
i guess i've just been a little stressed out. is friday. and i have the whole weekend to get over this mess.

i guess gameday has been wearing me down. remember when i said i had a love/hate relationship with gameday? well, this is true.
course like i said things can get a little overwhelming. is what it is..

moving on...

i decided to do "my movies for the month"...TODAY!!

i have lots so i'm just gunna be short as possible and sweet.

o my world. that was a lot of movies. i watch way too many movies. my movie collection is probably close to a thousand.
is that wrong?
is that sad?

folks think i am so weird or dumb for spending my money on movies.

i got two words for ya:
my money.

how bout you? have you seen any good movies as of late?

what are you doing for the weekend?
i wanna do something crazy.
you only live once.
and sometimes i feel like i am not living at all. just doing my routine every. single. day.

i promise to be over this funk next week.

did i mention i am losing it!

"hahahahahahahah driving drunk. classic."
[the hangover]

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  1. We LOVED the Adjustment Bureau. And I just watched Inception for the first time last week (I know, I'm behind) and it was really neat.