Monday, August 29, 2011

lazy dayz

oh my world. i am just extremely tired this morning. i am going to have to get out and do something before i face plant onto my desk.

i had a wonderful weekend as always.
i love the weekend!
not having anything i absolutely have to do is one of my favorite things.

i was lazy.

laying around like a sloth.

can you believe i still haven't finished reading the help? that's redic.
i usually can finish within a couple of days.
what is wrong with me??

i must finish it this week.
i will never reach my goal of 20 books if i continue to be a..


i mean i did stay up all night on friday. i just use that as my excuse.
things always seem a little better with an excuse.

unless it's a long dragged out excuse..then that's more than likely a lie.
i wish i was lying about staying up to all hours of the night. but sadly i am not.

i slept in on saturday....
and on sunday.
i LOVE being able to do that.

killa and i hung out on saturday night.
she brought me a tasty grilled hamburglar and we chatted the night away on my back patio.
another one of my favorite things.

sunday was filled with sleeping. sandwiches. and sundaes.

i'm telling you, sandwiches will never get old.

now it's back to another work week.
i am ready for the weekend.
or at least five o clock.

i wanna see a tandy this week.
and finish the help.
and get another five guys fix.

did you have a lazy weekend? or was it just me.

"yeah well maybe you hear with an accent."
[that 70s show]


  1. OMG i'm with you on the face plant into the desk thing. i'm soooo tired today too!

  2. Ha! I'm ready for the weekend already too!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic weekend, yum. I love Five Guys.

    My weekend was good, I got a bunch cleaned up! :)

  3. *raises hand* I had a lazy weekend too! And it was GREAT!