Monday, August 8, 2011

just call me green.

my weekend went by way too fast! now it's back to another busy week. maybe this week will be like last week and go by super fast. maybe.

i have a new tenant coming in to sign her lease, pay her rent, and pick up her key.
i know i'll have a few late renters coming in today and tomorrow.
we are going to start officially using the new fancy smancy register at gameday..hopefully.
i have bunko on tuesday at kat's place. sure a trillion other things will happen also.

i gave a sneak peek last friday of my new & improved hobby room. is the BIG REVEAL:

i love how it turnt out.
it is wayyyyy more organized!

introducing..the most organized closet eva!!

and that my friends is my new & improved super organized hobby room.
now lets see if i can keep paint off that rug...

"look this relationship just can't work. i mean, you're a cat, i'm black, and i'm not going to be hurt again."
[seven pounds]

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