Tuesday, August 30, 2011

it's a good purchase if you don't feel bad about it later

i am going to procrastinate a little this morning before i take on the day.
i feel sooooooooo much better this morning. not that i felt rotten yesterday. i was just soooooooo sleepy.
i HATE that feeling. when i just cannot keep my eyes open. that constant nodding off while sitting up feeling is just..brutal.

i am so thankful i got a better night's sleep and i'm ready for a day filled with gift basket making, new price tagging, inventory organizing, merchandise ordering, with driving in between..

well it happened yesterday.
THA CARTER IV hit stores!
 and i went after work to tarjay to pick up my very own copy!!

dewayne carter jr mainly known by his stage name lil wayne is my favorite rapper.
i'll admit it.
i do in fact own all four of tha carter albums.
the 3rd one being my favorite..so far. although the first one is a close second.

(i tweeted this picture yesterday)
i was pretty excited.

oh but while i was there at good ole target i had to browse through the clothes..
and of course my weakness: the movies.

well i went home with these goodies also:

you think i could pull this outfit off??
i might try later on this week.

this is my favorite book of all time.
if you haven't read it, please read it before you see the film.
it'll change your life.

now i try to steer clear of target. i always end up with way more than i need and i feel bad about it later.
this week's target trip was a good one. at least i don't feel guilty, anyway.

what about you? have you found something target special?

"i hope you don't mind, but we had a few pre-cocktail-party cocktails..like, before the cocktail party with cocktails."
[easy a]


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  2. I like the title of the post..what a great Motto! I am going to use that :) Love your shorts so cute! Walk The Line is such a great movie! Under $5 is a steal for sure