Monday, August 22, 2011

i need paparazzi skills

omg. so, i had the best weekend!
i only wish i woulda taken some pics.

((i really need have to work on my paparazzi skills))

my weekend included:
dinner with killa. THE TONEADOS SHOW. sweet friends. margaritas. DANCING. meeting new people. LONG CONVOS. staying up all night. SILLYNESS. a tandy movie. LED ZEPPELIN. white water tavern. ROLLER DERBY. kid games. the help. AFTERNOON BIKE RIDE. and tons of magicalness.

like i said i just wish i had taken more photos.
that's my new goal: take more pictures.


this week wont be as busy for me cause i finally got gameday re-stocked and organized.
and rent has been paid..for the most all most of my tenants.
i will probably do a new gameday update cause we got some new stuff in and i've re-arranged a good bit of it. you have to change things up every now and then to keep the customers interested.

to be honest i hope this week is a little slowed down...
although i never know when the old man has some "special project" he needs me to work on.


i actually have a few pics from this past week that i could share.
yall know how much i love instagram.

i would totally have this packpack if i was a little kid.

my friend brooke had her baby shower last sunday for her little baby girl, paisley.
my mom hosted it at her house. it was a tea party theme. so much fun.

 all the hostesses brought different cupcakes. these were the ones my mom and sissy bought.
they sparkled!

i was a little disappointed that they didn't have tea but i guess lemonade was a good replacement.

i was finally able to wear my new necklace to the shower.

when my cleaning crew and i cleaned the daulong house last week we found something a little odd.
there was a perfect white square formed around these rocks.
i couldn't really getta good pic but it's a magazine page that has shaped around the rocks and ground.
hey, we i thought it was cool...

im sure this is no surprise. yep, i made another gift basket.
i have tons coming up for september.

these are brother's new boots he got. i love the turquoise.

last week, a co-worker brought another cake for my mom and for my uncle.
we like us some cake up here!

yep i got a big piece of the boy hog. i ate his tail too.
the cake was a little dry but it was a fun idea.

all last week i worked my butt off getting gameday restocked.
we finally got the new register figured out and working.
i had to take a couple of trips there and back with loads of goodies.

i just cant get over how awesome my vintage bowls are.
you should check out their story here.

i added some red highlights to my hair on thursday and got a quick trim.
it feels so weird having hair on my neck again. and i can put it in a teeny tiny pony.
i love the red!

look at this cutie.

it didn't take her long to pass out.

the one pic i took at the show..

and this would be ben showing off how gangsta he is.

and lastly...this little incident happened yesterday. the shower door just completely fell off and hit me square in the nose. i really am surprised it didn't leave a mark. oh the joys of being a homeowner.
i guess like everything else..i'll just learn how to use it broken..and that's the story of my life.
i mean i have the tools but i lack the skills...

hope everyone had an uhhhmazing weekend like i did.
any weekend that ends with a bike ride was obviously a pretty freakin awesome weekend.
just sayin.

"that's awesome jeremy but i'm gunna go home now and fart into a shoe box."
[date night]

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  1. Isn't Instagram just the BEST?! I'm addicted and it's slowly becoming my primary form of picture taking, haha. Love the red highlights - so cute!