Friday, August 5, 2011

i kill dead clocks.

oh my lanta!! have two weeks really passed by?
wow i guess they have. yep, you guessed it, i have been BUSY yall! with football season right around the corner my life has gotten a teeny bit HECTIC!

along with getting a new fancy smancy cash register at gameday, barcoding all the 8,347 items in stock, and pulling orders at jenkins i just havent found the time to pay attention to my little blog.

the past two weeks i've also been working in the warehouse..pulling orders for several different customers. one including a huge walmart order consisting of 29 different college teams with merchandise ranging in quantities of 400 to 1400...needless to say, football season (for me) is in full swing!!

i've sweated a lot. and my legs are bruised beyond recognition. but i'm not complaining! i love my job. believe me it gets a little stressful and some of my co-workers get on my last nerves but this job fits me...even if i'm not a hardcore football fanatic.

i did want to go ahead and show off some photos of whats been going on in my own little world for the past couple of weeks.

we always have a cake for folk's birthdays here at work but july had so many birthdays they only got one giant cake! and no i didn't get a piece before it was gone.. sad.

i found out that my sissy and BIL are having a little baby boy.
they even have decided on his full name.
introducing...Elliott Knight Grant.
yall thought i talked about piper too much oh just wait for this baby to arrive. this little nugget is going to be soooooooooo spoiled!
i can't wait to watch disney movies with him, go to his school plays, and most of all shower him with love and lots and lots of TOYS!

i took this right after i found out! grinning from ear to ear.

i made another razorback basket surprise for my dad's real estate company.

i absolutely love gettin packages in the mail.
that's probably why amazon and i are bestfriends.

yep, i got my super cute hobo clutch in!
i've already used it on a couple of nights out and it perfect.

i gave this to paul, he's our IT guy at work..he loves skittles..almost as much as me.

kasey's birthday was last week also and i got her some funky pink flowers. she loved them!

i was working on a geogia walmart order and i had to individually count each keychain.
there are 817...if i actually counted them correctly.

i've worn this little guy on my wrist for the past year. for sentimental reasons. i cut it off when i cut off the budweiser bracelet that lets the bartender know i'm 21 23 and not 12...

my grandmommy gave this to me just recently. i've had my eye on it for awhile. it belonged to her grandmother, my great great grandma, clara irene gazelle fields gardener..whoo that's a mouthful
thanks for the teapot grandmommy! i absolutely love & cherish it.
if you have anymore little treasures send the my way!

my necklace came in! i havent gotten to wear it yet but i hope to make that happen bery bery soon!

this verse keeps coming up in my life. i think God is trying to tell me something..

this is what my desk has looked like the past two weeks.

i had to move him inside. he just couldn't take this heat.

the cake jenkins got for my mom's birthday! it's today!

my old man got me a new tool set. i'm thinkin this one will be way more handy than my old set.

i did some rearranging. surprise i'm hoping to update more on it next week..if i have time.

and lastly here's an instagram of my homegirl, piper.

smiling's piper's my favorite.

have a good weekend, homies!
also i dont think i have mentioned this yet but i reactivated my facebook..after a year..
ask me to be your i can stalk know you do it too.

"yes, i would like to report a theft. a theft from my check. now, i dont know who FICA is but that bitch stole like 10% of my money!"
[that 70s show]

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  1. sounds like a crazy few weeks! look like its super fun, though! welcome back :)