Tuesday, August 16, 2011

the big reveal.

ok one and all we have finally almost finished with our daulong drive house.
i know i have been sayin for the past 4 weeks or so that i would show off some before and after photos of this big project. because this project was indeed a BIG project.

this house was gutted.
basically it was completely empty.
we had to start from scratch.

most of the houses we buy always need a little fixin up.
but the daulong house needed LOTS of fixin.

here at jwj, everyone gets their hands dirty.
including me.
i get the great joy of going in after allllllllll the boys and cleaning top to bottom.
i don't know if you heard me but i said, "after the boys."
i think we all know how messy boys can get. but i don't really care cause it lets me contribute.

everyone has their own jobs.
laying floors.
electrical work.
yard work.

everyone gets their hands dirty.
and everyone definitely did some kind of job at the daulong house.

this rent house is one of my favorites.
it's a private house. set back from the road with it's own private driveway.
it's right next to the freeway so you would be able to doze off to the sound of trucks passing in the night.
there are trees everywhere.
it has a barn, shed, and seven acres of freedom.

it's a sweet escape.
a great hiding place.

introducing...daulong drive

we didn't really do much different to the outside.
we still have some yardwork to do around the house.
and we put in a brand spankin new central heating/air unit.

moving on to the inside...

this is the front room before:

and after...

now the kitchen before...

and after..

dont look at the dirty floors we had to mop again cause we keep trackin crap inside.

now the bedrooms...
daulong has 4 bedrooms and 3 full baths.
needless to say..it took us a day and a half to clean.
but that's mainly cause there are so. many. windows.
gnarly dirty scummy windows at that.

there was one huge long room that we split into two bedrooms.
the house was laid out kind of awkwardly.
my old man fixed that though with his amazing architecture skills and boss man attitude.

without him we would just be a bunch of dummies who just so happen to have a couple of skills...
i guess every group needs a leader.

alright alright..the bedrooms......

front bedroom before.

front bedroom after.

there is a full bath between the "front bedroom" and the "first bedroom"

bathroom before.

there was nothin but a tub.
and the craggily tub is still there...

katie and i both scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed that damn tub.
but there was just no hope.
old man says he's just gunna paint it. i thought he was jokin..

first bedroom before.

this is the large bedroom that we split in two.
we made a separate entrance for the second bedroom which leads into the hall.

now the first bedroom after..

and the new wall goes UP! and it stays there, and it stays there, and it stays there...
(name that tune)

second bedroom before..

with the new man made entrance..

and after..

now the full bathroom in the hall was much like the first bathroom..gutted
it didn't even have a tub.

and after...

as for the next couple of rooms they weren't even there.
we basically made the master bed/bath, master closet, and laundry room from scratch.


now here is everything after..

now remember there was no master bath.
we added it.

we also added a laundry room.

in the back of the house is a large den. it's huge.
the back den before..

and the after...

you could do some major square dancin in this room.

in the hallway there is a large window with a ginormous crack in it..

we fixed that though.

the porch is connected to the kitchen..

but we just added some blinds and swept the porch.

everyone that has come by always has something to say about the beautiful countertops.

some people have even said this is their "dream home"

all in all i think it turned out pretty freakin great!
and now you kids can see what we do at jwj..
now we just have to find the PERFECT tenant. and hopefully that will be easy.

i mean it is a dream home.

what do you think?
would you wanna live here?

"i'm gunna take a pillowcase and fill it with bars of soap and beat the shit out of you."
[step brothers]


  1. looks great! that had to been a lot of crazy work!! good job :)

  2. The kitchen countertops. Being able to choose unique granite shades makes it less difficult to pattern or tailor using the overall color motif of the residence.

  3. This is quite impressive! A job well done. :)