Tuesday, July 12, 2011

you were meant for me

la de da de da!
i was so excited to go. i had actually been planning it all week. you see i live on a corner lot. so people come from all over to advertise with a yard sign to tell you all about the big sale their having friday and saturday morning.
but anna wasn't having her estate sale just on friday and saturday. she had hers going from 9-3 all week. but i had to wait till saturday bcause i don't think the boss man would let me skip out on work to go hit up an estate sale...even if i begged.
sooo i specifically planned to go saturday morning.

i even set my alarm just in case i slept till 3. just in case. not likely but just in case.

well saturday morning rolled around and i was awake at 9. i layed in bed trying to sleep a little bit longer cause i figured i had the whole day. i couldn't. i couldn't stop thinking about all the little treasures calling my name at anna's estate sale. so i went ahead and got ready.
i left the house around 10:15 and headed down the street to the sale. the street was lined with cars. i had to park a couple blocks away. dont worry they had several golfcarts transporting folks to and from the house.

the house was HUGE. and for rent.
there were people everywhere! and there was stuff everywhere.
i'm pretty sure the people who had lived there did in fact die. it was all old stuff. and they were selling everything..even the food in the kitchen.

anna had yelled at me on my way in saying that everything was half off. yeah she actually yelled it.
hell yea! i knew i waited till saturday for a reason.

i walk into the dining room and that when i notice these babies:

i was in love. you see i had been looking for large purple glass vases to put in my hobby room.
these were perfect.
i immediately snagged them before any of the grandmas around me could.

 dont they look good?

i then went into the kitchen and spotted a couple of other items i wouldn't mind having in my possession but i didn't pick anything up. i wanted to check out the rest of the house first.
there were TONS of clothes. the house was messy as all get out. and it look as if the people who lived there before had just dropped what they were doing and left. well..i guess they did..

didn't find much else so i went back to the kitchen.
i saw this little guy sitting up in a window sill:

and this was in a box full of china:
(im telling you there was no organization)

then i saw em.
love these the most! i want to eventually have red and black dishes. eventually.
(finding the perfect kitchenware is harder than i thought)
i knew these would match my other 4 cereal bowls perfect. and their vintage.

unfortunately there were only two. but since they were half off $3 it would be foolish not to take them home.

i left anna's sale and was driven back to my jeep via golf cart.
i was on a high! i was so happy with my finds. i got all these fun goodies for a mere $30!
whoooooo beat that bargain bob!

well seeing as i still wanted to do some treasure hunting i headed down the street to hidden treasure flea market. okay, so i have no freaking clue why i haven't hit this place up before.
like the estate sale this place was HUGE!
i started weaving in and out of booths. i saw a couple of things i liked right off the bat but wasn't even gunna think about spending what they had it marked. no way.
then i spotted them. and im pretty sure my heart skipped a beat.

can you believe it?
these little bowls were obviously meant to be in my cabinet. now these two were not a dolla fiddy. but who cares they were mine!

i seriously love these almost as much as i love piper.
i said almost people!

now i need to find plates and cups.
any suggestions?

i also found this little guy. i fell in love with the color!
he was $6 so i splurged and got him too.

i saw tons of other stuff i loved but there were way to proud of them.
i do wanna eventually splurge (again) and get an old metal fan. they had tons of them but i just didnt want to spend the money. yet.

im gunna put these guys above my cabinets.

well i finished up at the flea market and thought i would head home for lunch.
it was 11:45.
and i thought i was gunna "make a day outta it"
yeah right....it was too hot. so i went and rented movies instead. like i really needed to do that.

"ah it's like i'm walking on a pile of baby ducks."
[that 70s show]


  1. Those are some awesome finds! I love red & black too! Probably because they are the high school's colors here :D :D

  2. Great finds, girl!! I like estate sales/garage sales/thrift stores. You're making me want to go to Goodwill!

  3. I couldn't find an email address on here... and I really wanted to reply to a comment of yours!! Go to Dashboard>>Edit Profile>>Check on "Show my email address" and that'll change (as far as being able to respond to your comments!)

  4. great finds! it makes me want to go to garage sales and thrift stores... i just dont have much patience. and i like to sleep in on the weekends... my mom says you have to be the first ones there to get the good stuff.

  5. I love your estate sale finds! Totally makes me want to go estate sailing here in D-town. Great post friend!

  6. I went to an estate sale this weekend too and found a really great buy! i just love those things :)