Monday, July 11, 2011


i have seen some good movies as of late. i have rented some, bought a few, and watched a couple at the $1 theater. i love movies. i seriously don't think i could live without them. tv yea but movies no way!
im gunna keep it short and sweet so i don't bore you.

i love action movies and comedies so of course this movie was perfect! i loved all the special effects especially when it came to the neat things they came up with using the car. the green hornet vehicle put the bat mobile to shame. at the end the car split in half, but still managed to make an escape. bad ass. there are so many different action sequences that make the movie fun and exciting to watch!

the last novel is the best in my opinion and i was a little afraid the movie wouldn't do it justice. i was wrong. it was magical. the beginning was my favorite when they all ride on brooms throughout the city in order to keep harry safe. i also really liked seeing them sneak into the ministry of magic. i all turned out exactly how i had pictured it when i read it all those years ago. it's just that the harry potter books are my favorite and i'm super stoked to see the very last one.

i confess i didn't quite watch this movie. dont get me wrong, the beginning i watched and the end too but the middle is a little blurry...i fell asleep. oops! in my defense it was a late movie, the theater was set at the perfect temp, i was wearing crusty comfy clothes, and i had my feet propped up against the wall, yeah i was that girl. but can i just say, best. nap. ever. the only parts i did catch were the ones when cam elbowed me saying, "ooh that was tight" or "omg did you see that" she had no clue that i in fact did not see that part.
but who doesn't like a good jake movie..especially when he's not playing a cowboy.

this is the best movie. ever. i am so glad i went and saw it before it left theaters. i saw this one with cam-bo too. and i stayed awake the entire time. now this movie was magical. so magical. it was like the notebook, but better..yeah i said it. what better way to start your life completely over then by joining the circus. i fell in love with this movie. i laughed. i cried. and i cried some more. now, i have got to read the book.
see this! no matter what, you won't regret it.

this movie is hilarious. now mind you it's a little slow but it's got some funny stuff. it's a kid's movie that has several jokes pointed towards adults. it is one of my favorites and has several award winning actor/actresses that voice the characters. it's a lot of fun to watch if you give it a chance.

now depending on the feedback i get..then i'll continue doing this..if i dont then it goes in the trash.
i sure as hell dont want to bore you people with my constant movie rambling...

"look! he's like a hummingbird"
[that 70s show]


  1. Love, love your blog! New follower! Also, great movie recommendations-- I'll be adding to my 'to see list'!

    (Also, not sure if I've mentioned this but I call Little Rock home. Lived there most of my life before the year in DC and this past year in Savannah!)

  2. i love hearing thoughts on movies! :) my husband is obsessed with movies too. he gets mad if i try to read a book/play on the laptop while a movie is on! hahah! :)

  3. I just found your blog and I love it! I'm coming back for more!