Monday, July 18, 2011

i got chill$ their multiplying

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

ok so i'm probably going to get a little random.
but isn't that the point of this link up?
i dont know. it's my first time.

my weekend was random. it feels like i didn't do anything, although i did.
maybe it's because i had to work. wah! i don't like to work on my beloved saturday. but sometimes you gotta do things you don't want to do. right?

yep i worked at ye ole gameday superstore for a whopping eight hours on saturday.
and for about four hours didn't one person come you imagine this gets a little boring. i bought plenty to do. magazines. books. iphone. etc.
i guess it wasn't really that bad cause that's what i would have been doing at home.
but still i would have rather gone to the pool or something..i guess there's always next weekend.

i did re-do the showcase. it looked a hot mess. like so junky. it might still look junky but it looks funky too!

i had several people that did actually come in comment on the showcase. believe me, it looks much much better. and it took up an hour of my time.

i left work maybe a little early and went home for a shower.
i had plans to go out with killa cam.
i took my time getting ready, of course.

cam and autumn had people over but cam & i didn't stay. we went dancing!
omg i love people watching. some people that dance are soooooooo funnnnyy!
cam and i just kinda dance around..but most some people get so into it.
and then always, there's at least seven two guys up by the dj booth mouthing the words. ok. so most every song a dj plays, i know it. so of course i have to go up there with them and sing. and it's funny everyyytime. because i'm sure the 6 ft 2 black dude rapping the words to "we be steady mobbin" was a little weirded out that the 5 ft 2 white girl also knew all the words..

well we didn't stay there very long. we ended up driving around and then headed back to the house to hang out with the others. we wanted to go night swimming..but we needed a pool for that. for the first time this summer i missed having my own pool.

the next day i slept. all day long. hey, i didnt get home till 3 in the morning. plus sundays are supposed to be lazy, am i right? i should've layed out because i am about to loose my tan but i was too dang lazy.

cam and i met up before going to church for the youth choir reflection service. we went to sonic before so my stomach wouldnt be growling allll during church. plus i was starving.

do any of you eat extremely unhealthy? i do. all the time. sonic and all fast food will be the death of me. and the thing is i love healthy food. it's just unhealthy food is way easier to get, make, and afford. but i want to eat healthy. so i decided this week i am going to eat healthy. i can do it.
after church we all had community group at my parents. where i ate root beer floats..more bad food..


i really need to get back into the swing of reading. i seriously am in the middle of three different books but have yet to continue reading and finishing them.
what is wrong with me?
how can i get my motivation back?

i love this room.

sometimes people make me feel stupid. i know i shouldnt let them make me feel that way but i do. especially if i am friends with that person. some people are too busy being cool and if your not cool like they are then you're stupid. sometimes i try way too hard to be cool. i shouldn't. i should just be me. and try to talk less. but when i get nervous i talk. i talk a lot. yea, i get nervous a lot because i'm trying to be cool.

in landlady of our rent houses we our working on was broken into this weekend. the stove was stolen. the paint was thrown everywhere. the wood floors are no longer beautiful or the countertops. it just makes me so mad because we are trying to take these dump houses and restore them for a family that needs it.
like seriously people need to get a life! like why couldn't they have just stolen the stove..why did they have to tear everything else up?

also i am going to do some before and after pictures of one of our huge house projects.
i'm super excited to show you guys some of what we do.
my dad is so talented and so is the rest of the crew.

what did you do this weekend?
was it as random as mine?

"ugh i wish i could go back in time for just 10 minutes to pass out combs and brushes"
[that 70s show]


  1. Love the post today, lady. So random!
    I never understand why someone wants to vandalize something. Completely thoughtless.
    Sundays are for lazy days, and that's exactly what I did yesterday after church.

  2. I *love* people watching too! Haha! I call it being observant ;)