Thursday, July 7, 2011

come fly away with me

i finally finished this art project i have been working on for a couple of months weeks.
i know i said yesterday that i love procrasinating but this project had been put off and put off for waaayyyy too long.

also, i have another part of my house to show off as well.
but first things first...
my "fly away" artwork.

basically i took cardboard letters i bought at hobby lobby. then i wrapped them in yarn. spray painted a canvas grey. and hot glued each letter carefully onto the canvas.
it turn out exactly how i wanted it to. i am so happy with the outcome.

now i have had this big blank wall in my hallway that just needed something.
the something is my "fly away" project. it look uuuhhhmazing! if i do say so myself.

love my new glue gun.

i used "fly away" to match all the little birdies that are all over my house.

what do you think?

now introducing my hallway:


the rug is perfect, with there being so many doors in the hallway it had to fit just right to where i could actually open all the closets.

i'll tell ya a secret.....i hate my hall bath. it always has some kind of issue.

i swear i have bag, purses, and clutches out the wazoo! they're seriously everywhere.

does anyone love their dyson as much as i do?
best christmas gift ever!

the linen closet.

that also doubles as my tornado shelter.

when i first moved in i had no clue what to use this teeny tiny closet for?
washcloths, medications, dvds, dishes, paint...what?
it has kinda turned into a i-dont-know-what-to-do-with-this-i'll-just-throw-it-in-here kind of closet.

don't ask me why i keep the cardboard box sleeve that comes on a newly bought dvd.
i got tired of walking back and forth to the laundry room just to get a bottle of pledge. 

but seriously? what did the last guy use this closet for?
wait...i dont even want to know.

well thats my little hallway.

while i was waiting for the glue gun to heat up and the spray paint to dry i messed around with the letters to see what other words i could make.

 (i know i'm a geek)

"their samples are way better than our samples. and did you see how fast i sniffed them out? i could totally be a police dog."
[that 70s show]


  1. cute :)

    and really strange, but I had a childhood tea set collection too.

  2. So I've fallen in love with your blog. Shhh, don't tell mine, it'll get upset lol. I love that Fly Away project. I love that your a Christian on the inside, but don't necessarily fit the world's view of a Christian, I don't know many Christians with skull & crossbones tats! Thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you'll come back soon, newest follower over from Jenna's blog!

    P.S. Teen Mom is one of my guilty pleasures lol.

  3. I absolutely LOVE what you did with those letters! What a great DIY and seems so simple. It looks awesome. I also wish I could be as organized as you ;)

    xo katie elizabeth

  4. i love the fly away. i'm jealous of your craftiness~!

  5. This looks SO awesome. I love the texture of yarn, and the colors look so great together!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Consider me a new follower :)