Thursday, July 14, 2011

60 year$, people

i would just like to say....happy anniversary to my grandmommy and papa!!!

on this day July 14 my grandpa, John Sowle married my beautiful grandma, Francis Tomlinson. and sixty years later they are still happily married.
that is just so amazing to me.
i really hope i have a marriage just as strong and just as long.

this past sunday my whole family got together to celebrate this wonderfulness.
i love getting together with my mom's side of the family because we dont all live in nlr like my dad's side does. so it's always nice getting together to eat, fellowship, and act goofy. yes, very goofy.
you see my grandma loves games! i think that's why i love them so much! she is always thinking of some kind of new game we can play as a family. so naturally we get a little goofy from time to time.
but i love it.
sooo..this sunday we all met at my gparents church for morning worship and then headed to golden corral for lunch. no, we didn't play any goofy games but it was fun catching up with my cousins, uncle, and aunt and seeing my second cousins, too. 

my aunt gloria and uncle steve were in charge of getting the cake.
i didn't have any because i had eaten everything on the buffet and was stuffed!
buuutt i thought the cake turned out really nice and my grandmommy loved it!

we also got a photo frame so we could put a pic of the whole family in it for their gift. then everyone signed the matting around the frame.
it was a neat idea. my grandparents love taking pictures so this was peeeerfect! 

here's some pics of the happy couple:

so happy!

gettin ready to cut the cake.

finally time for cake.

mmmmm yummy.

and here is a video of my sweet little grandma feeding my pops some cake. too funny.

oh i love it.
(im the 9 year old boy talking in the background)
60 years, people.

dear grandmommy and papa,
you are amazing grandparents! i am truly blessed to have you both in my life, even if im not the best at showing it. you guys are such awesome role models for me. your love and compassion for each other and others is truly inspirational. i really hope and pray that my marriage has as strong a bond as yall's does.
thanks for everything. i love both of yall so much and wish you many many more happy years.

"why? you're watching me live my life. that's better than any movie."
[that 70s show]

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