Wednesday, July 20, 2011

the 8 men in my life

i am so glad it is wednesday!!!
course i would prefer to be at home in bed cause im sooooooooo sheepy sleepy.
but im here nonetheless and i am so glad it's lunchtime. maybe this day will go by fast.

well once again i think i'll tell yall what i'm lovin this week.

i am lovin.....MUSIC well duh. but recently i just added two of my favorite bands in-the-entire-world to my regular weekly playlist. i have no clue why they weren't on there already....that's forgetful! buutt it feels good to have these men dudes back in my life.

seriously i don't know how people live without jimmy paige in their life..?

i am lovin.....

i saw this little beauty over on this blog favorite and fell. in. love. i had to have it. especially ever since reading this amazing post i had to have me my very own hobo clutch. so i've been searching and serching for THE PERFECT ONE. annnddddd IT WAS ON SALE! um can we say "score!"
i cannot wait for it to come in the mail!

also i am lovin.....

this uhhhmazing little striped tee. i cannot get enought stripes, lately. i seriously don't know why i love it so much but i also purchased this 12 dolla tee yesterday! holla!
thank you foreva & nordstrom

i am lovin.....

this picture of my family at my grandparent's 60th anniversary. i think it turned out really great!

 i am really lovin.....

this hair color. i really wanna do something FUNKY with my short bob. i would love to do somekind of DRASTIC color like this..hmmmm i might have to discuss this with my hair consultant and see if we can't make this or something similar happen.
what do you think? should i go for it?

so yesterday i said that one of my vacant-work-in-progress rent houses was broken into over the weekend. no, i am not lovin this buuttt we thought they had stolen the stove..nope!! we hadn't even put it in yet!
so i am lovin.....that the stove wasn't stolen!!!
yeah they did make quite a mess of things but we were able to clean it up very well. and we are so happy that there wasnt a stove for them to steal or splash paint all over.
it still make me very angry that "they" did this but what goes around comes around...

i am lovin.....and super show off one of my rent house's before and after photos.
i've been editing the before pictures today and then hopefully before the week is over i can go take the afters.
i'm really hoping to post the BIG REVEAL next week.

i am lovin.....TOWN PUMP TUESDAYS.
town pump is a local bar that my friends and i frequently go to. they have live bands, karaoke, and great bathrooms good bartenders....the past couple of tuesdays i've been a regular! i just always have a good time.

"Ben A Jammin" sanging some karaoke!!

this is my friend benjamin singing the fine art of karaoke.
i found out last night he also has a blog..check it out!

and as always i am lovin.....




lil red.

what about you? what are you diggin this week?

"we shouldn't get married... we have nothing in common. you love horses. i don't trust them. their shoes are permanent. who makes that kind of a commitment to a shoe?"


  1. Girl if anyone I know could pull of that dramatic hair color, I feel like its you! It wouldn't overshadow your big personality! I say go for it!

  2. I love that clutch! And the shoes you link to are a-m-a-z-i-n-g!

  3. i'm loving that stripes tee too!

  4. Ever since seeing Loulou's post on the clutch, I am wanting one soooo bad!!!! So jealous of yours!

  5. That purse? To die for? And that outfit? Even better! you have some AMAZING taste! You definitely have a lot of awesome things to be lovin'!