Wednesday, June 1, 2011

pump my fist and bob my head

here are a couple of things that i have been lovin.


i always am lovin my little piper. she is just so sweet. look at that face. she was so happy to see me on monday. i had been at the lake for 4 days without her.
i came home to this..

needless to say i have been lovin on her so much the past couple of days. she totally missed me.


i am lovin this stuff. it is the seriously. only problem, i want to lick it off my lips. it taste just like raspberry lemonade! just. like. it. i have a feeling this tube won't last me very long.


i am lovin all the reading i have been doing. my nyr was to read 20 books. i have already read 8. five of them i read this past month. all of them were good.

i guess i am now just hopping on the chelsea handler bandwagon. i have read her second book but i never got around to reading the rest. very easy reads.

and these are the other two, they were both easy reads as well. i have read the first pretty little liars book but never finished the series. summer seems like a good opportunity.
i love to read!


i am lovin...fist pumping! or just dancing in general. i have been listening to a ton of pop and old school hip hop as of late and i can't help but pump my fist and bob my head while driving down the freeway! i'm sure some people think 'that girl is cAAraZie' but i don't care..just be glad i'm pumping my fist...i could be doing another hand gesture.


i am lovin...june.
it's the start of the summer. the start of warmer weather. i really just love june. it is the perfect time of year.
it reminds me of lemonade and swimsuits. vacays and boat rides.
i have a feeling good things are going to happen to me in june.

that's what i'm lovin this week.

"you know, a teacher told me that, but she had grown up braces so i didn't listen to her."
[that 70s show]

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