Thursday, June 9, 2011

party plattering

omg!! thank you thank you all who commented on my blog! i swear i'm on cloud 9. nothing can mess my day up now!

i followed this sweet girl's advice and i am so glad i did.
the blog world is such a positive community and i love being a part of it. i love to blog!
the reason i gave up facebook was for all the fake people creepy stalker negative vibes buutt with blogger i get none of that. and i'm always saying, "so i read on someone's blog the other day that such and such and such as.....and it's always positive" with facebook i was the opposite.
so i did just wanna say THANKS! if you're a new follower, let me know...i'll following you back!

okay, i have lots to say today..
on sunday cameron and i layed by the pool all day. it was nice. and i'm starting to gradually get rid of my tan lines..although that damn sock line isn't going away too quick. boo.
so, we took a couple of dips in the water because idk if you remember but sunday was like 101. insane. everyone had the same idea we had...pool day. so naturally there we little kids everywhere. i don't mind cause i love little kids but if you're going to bring your kid to the pool uhhh watch him! now i'm not the strongest swimmer. i doggie paddle and tread water and that's it! so obviously i can't save your kid from drowning...oh but that's a whole different story.
my story & i met this little girl, ashlynn. she has a twin brother, austin. they were both at the pool with their mom and naturally i struck up a conversation with this 8 year old. we talked about school mostly. she and her bro are going to be in 4th grade. okay, think back to when you were in fourth grade..that's an awkward year, am i right? i know i wasn't gettin along with my siblings..and little ashlynn said she had 6. now i've made this story long..but she said the sweetest thing. cam asked her if her and austin were bestfriends. she said "psh no" then cam asked if they got along. ashlynn said no again. then she said.....
"but we share the same heart"
then she looked over at her brother who wasn't even pay attention...and she smiled. and then he smiled back.

it's the little things like that.

so i found out from my amys that she works with one of my tenants. she said mrs. angela had nothing to say but nice things about me. and that i'm a stern landlady but she can tell that i really do care.

and i do care! i care about each and every one of my tenants. i feel so good when they bring their rent in on time and treat me with the utmost respect.
i also had another tenant, mr. anthony, tell me this week that when his lease is up he wanted to look for something with a bigger yard. dont worry he was adamant about staying with jwj (the name of my rental property business) he said, "i don't want anyone to be my landlords but yall"
and the best part..i have at least 6 to 10 calls a week asking if we have any rental properties available. because people want to rent from jwj because we are good landlords. we're gunna have to have a waiting list.
i'm sorry guys but i love what i do. and best of all i know this is what God wants me doing.

yesterday, was my cousin, trevor's, birthday!!
happy birthday!!!

birthdays are so much fun! i love making people's birthdays special because without that day, this person wouldn't be a part of my life. and that would suck! so i took trevor out last night. since it was a wednesday we kept it pretty chill. little fact about me, i love playing pool. maybe cause i had a pool table growing up or maybe cause i'm actually fairly decent but whatever it is..i love it.

so we went to the fox and the hound. shared the party platter. talked about childhood memories, movies, and how much we love working at jenkins. trevor and i are a lot alike but a lot different, too. and we get along, too. we think the same way and whenever we are given a "special project" we get it done fast and right. we make a great team!

we tore that party platter up! and trevor stomped me at pool.
but i was going easy on him since it was his birthday.

we ate at momma's on tuesday and celebrated with a cake and pretend candles.
hope we were all able to give trevor a great 24th birthday.
dang he's gettin old.

"to choose between you guys i had to ask myself one thing, who do i love more? and the question was so i love me more!"
[that 70s show]


  1. Love the new header! I might need you to help me make one...

  2. I love blogging too, there's so many great people to meet and a great place for advice :)

  3. I love that your blog is called the landlady and I love that you are one of the GOOD ones. So many of my experiences in apts were horrible, that landlady or man was just not nice, not personable, etc. Glad you are!! I bet you make peoples day :)

  4. How cute are you? Thank you so much for buying my book! I hope you have a fantastic weekend honey! Kori xoxo