Friday, June 3, 2011


oh lord it got hot, didn't it?

we were have some pretty decent cool days then bam! it's hotttttt!

lame. lame because i had to turn my ac on. which in turn will cause my fifty dollar electric bill into a larger number. so not happy bout that.

well, in the winter time i use a small space heater in my bedroom. (the place i spend all my time) that way i can keep my central heat on low.
now that it is spring i've been using my bedroom fan to keep cool. having the fan on while i sleep is a must have. my fan has 3 settings. high. medium. & low. (duh)
buuttt i have an issue. well three issues.
1. high, the fan shakes and is extremely loud.
2. medium, the fan clicks. but not rhythmically. as soon as i start to finally fall asleep. it clicks. and it clicks loudly! then it will stop. and then it will repeat.
3. low, just doesn't put off another air. i don't even know why they have this setting. maybe for drying clothes.

see, issues, right? it's annoying.
but i can't keep waking up drenched in sweat and having to change pjs. (i hate sweaty clothes) 
i don't want my ac to be constantly on either. a couple of times a day but not all. the. time.

also, like i've said before...i like noise. i can't just sit in silence. it's eerie. and without my small space heater constantly drumming along, i haven't been able to sleep. so i've been sleeping with my tv on. but i don't sleep as well when it's lighting up my entire room.
what to do. what to do.

hmmmm if only i could replace my heater with something that blows cool air, has rhythm, and oscillates?

a fan.

so i went out and got me a standing, oscillating fan for 20 bucks.
got home and immediately ripped the box open. took out all the pieces and the small instructions book.

in think instruction smructions...i can do this by myself.

the base was simple.

as was the motor.


i did have to refer to my smructions...once. just to figure out where to put the small turny thingy. (it had a proper name in the book) you had to turn this thingy counter clockwise...i would've never figured that out.

i've used this big guy for 3 nights and it's perfect!

i just wish it had a remote like my heater...o and i wish they it in black..

"Who do you think you are, the old guy from "Up"?

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