Friday, June 24, 2011

Oh the many hat$ i wear.


this week i'm linking up with Mamarazzi to tell yall some of my guy confessions

friday confessional
.dude edition.

i confess.....that a couple of weeks ago i did some snooping. i love to snoop. whether it's searching through someone's file, exploring a friend's purse, sifting through a wallet, or digging in a wastebasket...i can always find a little or a lot about someone. and for me i find that very interesting.

no, i didn't do any dumpster diving this time i simply got my hands on a man's wallet. and no i didn't steal said wallet. this wallet belonged to my friend, john. he had unfortunately left his wallet in my amys car and it fell into the wrong hands my hands. actually i grabbed it from amy and dared her to look throught it. she wouldn't so i did the honors.

john's wallet was filled with all kinds of slips of paper, business cards, and ticket stubs. it was calling my name, "jessica, jessica look inside me" i had to take a peek!
john is about 6'1, in school to be a doctor, has his own bachelor pad, drives a mustang, and is surprisingly single...i think we all know i needed to sift through this dang wallet.
this is what i found:
1. he likes chinese food
2. he mails things at the post office, a lot. which could mean he's good at paying his bills.
3. he's messy.
4. he uses his debit card a lot. (it was taped back together)
5. he likes comedies.
see i found out five different things i didn't know about john before. john and i went to high school together. no, i'm not interested, i just like sharing my way of getting information since i no longer have a facebook.

 .caught in the act.

i confess.....if i am around a nice looking guy i tend to look at his left hand before his eyes. hmmmm. and if there's a small band around that infamous finger than i am no longer looking.
you know you all do this too.

i confess.....i tend to do the '3 strikes you're out rule.'
have you not heard of this?

example #1
making me plan our whole date when you asked me out-strike one!
ordering a salad as your meal-strike two!
not knowing how to use jumper cables properly-strike three!
and you're out!
(looking for a man...)

example #2
calling me at 2 in the morning not once not twice but more times than i can count-strike one!
chewbacca hair-strike two!
rude texts-strike three!
and you're out!
(looking for a gentleman...)

i confess.....i may be a little picky.

i snooping through a guy's bible. yeah, i stooped that low.

so, what are some of your guy confessions?

"i have put up with a lot of weird things in this neighborhood-hot tubs, wife swapping, jogging!"
[that 70s show]


  1. Facebook has put us on info overload, we have a need to know everything. I am chicken though, I let other people snoop and give me the info they learn!

  2. Oh girl I love to dance in front of the mirror, too...isn't it the best??? Thank you so much for your comment. You are so cute :)

  3. Haha! I used to snoop through my exes stuff just to see what stuff he kept of ours or not- it was pretty interesting! Though I've never done a dumpster (or wastebasket) dive.

    And yes, when I see a cute guy, I check out his left ring finger first too!

    I left you something on my blog!

  4. hilarious! rad you snooped through the wallet. and smart lady with the 3 strikes rule.