Thursday, June 2, 2011

master b

i saw on this blog favorite that she is hosting a home tour. a new room will be featured every week. unfortunately i am a little behind...

but it looks like fun!

so even though i am two weeks behind i wanted to do my own rendition.
i know yall are so curious about what i got going on at my crib.

i bought my house november 2009. i moved in february 2010. i have lived there for 1 year and 7 months. and i wouldn't live anywhere else...well maybe jamaica...
i am always adding new things and brainstorming new ideas.
it's like my own canvas that i can do anything i want.

i'm still have plenty of projects...a house is never totally finished.

i decided to start this tour with my master bathroom. it turned out exactly how i pictured dreamed it would.
i wanted it to be girly but super classy.


1. makeup. i can't stand sifting through a big makeup bag only to come up with broken eyeliner and spilled foundation.
2. watch. i wear this watch everyday. everyday.
3. wooden bath figure. this little decoration has been displayed in every bathroom i have lived in. :)
4. eyeshadows.
5. chapsticks. can. not. live. without. seriously.
6. chi straightener. i have to use it everyday to maintain my wavy afro hair.

1. burn medicine. i'm clumsey. in high school i worked at western sizzlin in the bakery. i would burn my poor little hands on the huge oven. all the time. so my mom's bgf (my doctor's wife) stole snuck this jar for me. been using it ever since. i burn my hand on my straightener at least 3 times a week. i'm clumsey.
2. wicker baskets. these hold medicines and ointments. oh and bandaids...i use those a lot.
3. plastic basket. this hold bandanas, headband, sweatbands, accessories that i used to use for my long hair.
4. plastic bag. holds my many bottles of nail polish.
5. purple basket. this holds my daily products like: facewash. toothpaste. toothbrush. deoderant. razors. lotion. etc.
6. my hair product and hair dryer.

i'm a little obsessed with organization.

i cannot tell you how much i love my shower. the cool granite feels so good in a steamy hot shower.
unfortunately i am going to have to improve the door. it's just not holding up.

this is hung on my mirror. i look at it everyday.
"a real man doesn't get intimidated by successful women"
i found this little snippet in a magazine very shortly after i had broken up with was like a sign.

welp thats the first part of the tour.
next week: master bedroom!

"i can't stop staring at his zit. it's hypnotic. it sorta follows you around the room like the mona lisa."
[that 70s show]

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