Tuesday, June 7, 2011

junk jar$ & dreamcatcher$

ok guys, it's time to introduce yall to my master bedroom! this is the place i hang out. where i spend most of my time. where piper spends most of her time, too.
my favorite colors are: black. purple. grey. & white. i am so happy i got to incorporate all 4 different colors in my room.

before i moved in my house i had an idea on how i wanted to have my bed. i new i wanted my mattress just to lay on the floor. my dad had the terrific idea to make me a platform bed. and with the help of some of my handymen i was able to accomplish that. the floating shelves added the perfect touch. as did my black dresser, painted by my sweet momma, before piper scratched it up.

i'm on the lookout for one more marilyn...i just haven't found the perfect one!
my black wicker chair was a nice touch. and little miss piper loves it!!

i have to keep my blinds up so pipe can look out the window.

i've never been big on making my bed...

my "night stand"

i probably watch a little too much of that 70s show.

1. keepsake tin.
2. my perfume i use everyday. everyday.
3. my pledge pin.

1. my bike helmet. safety first, right!
2. my calendar. helps me remember things, a lot. i'm a little ocd about keeping up with it.
3. more nightgowns & scarves.
4. more candy. my fav(at the moment)-airhead extremes!

one side of my closet...

and the other side...
1. laundry hamper.
2. flip flops & sandles.
3. house slippers.
4. my clothes. color coded, of course.

my floating shelves.
1. ceramic cats. these belonged to my great grandma jackie.
2. some jenkins enterprises' favorites.
3. pic of me & tiff. my old college roomie.
4. skull & crossbones champagne glass, given to me from my daddy.
5. ceramic face mug. won this little beauty playing white elephant with old church friends.
6. small skeleton. got this in mexico summer 2010.
7. painted and given to me from my stormi
8. sweet card given to me from my cameron.

i got frankie around the same time i got piper. we all make one big happy family.


I know all of you saw it! my new jeep!! i promise to tell yall alllllllllllllll about it later on this week!
yes, with pictures and everything!

 "You are blowing this guy completely out of proportion."
 "I will blow this guy in any proportion I want!"

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    Several years back when I lived at the beach, we built our house and I had my master ceiling painted black, mocha walls & white molding. There is a lot to be said for black. You're rocking it!

    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog yesterday!