Monday, June 20, 2011


i know what you're thinking..well okay i technically don't know what you're thinking buuuttt i know i have been procrastinating on "my movies monday"
so, i decided to just do it once a month on the first monday of the month. that way i am not bombarding you with random movies and i'm not racing on sunday night to write a review.
we'll see how that goes. plus i want to add the movies i've seen in theaters, too.

sooo starting next month i will do monthly my movies monday.
sounds good to me.
now, i wanted to give you a recap of some things that have been going on in my own little world.
i know yall just love these random updates just as much as i like giving them to ya.

i made another gift basket. this one was for the lakewood waves swim team. i'm happy to do these baskets because i think it really does help to get our name out there in the community. check out some of my other gift baskets: here here here and here.

i mentioned in this post that my church, park hill, has not had a music minister in quite sometime. i said that i will continue to go to my church home but i want to go to a couple of other churches to possibly find a place to fill the worship void i get at park hill. well, on sunday, cam and i went and visited new life church.
wow. new life's worship was amazing. 10 times different than park hill. and i liked it. a lot.
the music was upbeat and lead by the one and only, kris allen. they also had a full band instead of a full orchestra. i also liked how they had several worship leaders. these leaders did an awesome job and i am really looking forward to going back for their larger 9:30 service. and i felt like i connected with the sermon too. it was a really good message. this church is a lot different then my church home and although i was nervous to branch out and find something that was fitting for me, i am glad i did. because you don't know you like it until you try it.

did anyone else check out the annual victoria secret sale??
i did! althought i shouldn't have.
i could've bought a lot more than i did but i'm trying my hardest to save my money. story of my life.
i was able to snag:
2 bras (both 24.99)
3 pairs of underwear (all 3.99)
body lotion 75% off
body spray 75% off
i got all these goodies for $78!!
o and it took all my might to just walk past charlotte russe, i wanted to go in sooo bad!
i did finally get my state income tax back so i figured i could treat myself just this onec this time.

well father's day was yesterday. no, i did not spend it with my father. he's out of town surprise with my mother and grandparents for a little vacay.
but i did give him a small token of appreciation.
my plan was to get him some fresh blackberries from the farmer's market but ive been a little under the weather and didn't get around to doing that. there's always next year. maybe.
so i just found the first berry i could find at walmart.

happy father's day daddy!
i hope it was a berry good one!

it happened again.

i mentioned this happening a couple of weeks ago too.
yes, this just brings me great joy.
Pollycrick was my 10th grade english teacher and she is also one of the stars in my bunko group.
i must be pretty smart if i can beat an english teacher. even though it has only happened twice.

i gave in and got instagram

the outside of the father's day card for my old man.

Amy McBryde & the Active Ingredient playing at Vino's this Saturday.

my little precious piper.

what did you do this weekend?

"i haven't seen you look this bad since you found out Candy Land's not a real country."
[that 70s show]


  1. I am in love with Insta-gram pics! And your blueberry idea for Father's day was so cute! And VS- I totally missed the sale! But it sounds you got a lot of great stuff!

  2. I LOVE that you make gift baskets, that one looks so awesome!