Wednesday, June 15, 2011

exciting new$

oh my world, i have so many things that i am lovin this week.
i can't wait to share every single one of them!

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first..and most important!
i am going to be an auntie!!

I am lovin this!! I absolutely love that i get to be apart of this jelly bean's life! yes my sister and her husband are having a precious little ball of joy!
and i get the joy of being aunt sica!! (my sister's nickname for me) I get to see this little tinyloon grow and be apart of his/her life! that is just so cool to me!

i know my sister and BIL are going to make great parents! congratulations sis!
i cannot wait to throw you a bomb baby shower blowout!

second...and also exciting news!
i am now an official bunko member!
meaning i can host a dinner and monthly bunko game at my house! i am so excited! we had a member move out of state so i got to have the honor of filling her shoes. i am lovin that i am finally apart of the gang.
although we didn't play last night i did snag the boobie prize.

third...and as always
i love reading!!
my book goal for 2011 is to read 20 books. i finished #10 on sunday! yes i am lovin that i am halfway done with my goal. I really plan on reaching it and maybe more by the end of the year. i am really lovin mysteries! the pretty little liars series is so addicting.

i also ordered Kori Donahue's book Murder on the Boulevard and it came in the mail yesterday. i haven't started reading it yet. but i'll more than likely get a start on it tonight!

 yeah i am a weirdo who takes pictures with books... still rocking
i love big guy!
yep i didn't think it could ever be possible to love
i guess i just shouldn't have doubted.
i just love getting my money's worth
check out big guy's story here.

fifth...who doesn't love target!
i love fun stuff!
i mean but who doesn't love fun stuff! target is known for having great fun stuff right? that's why i try to stay away from target. it's an addiction.
but i did find me the cutest shorts and some super fun artwork.
i am lovin all my new target goodies. but of course.

i decided to hang these beauties in my office. i am lovin the key print the best.
fits for a landlady.

sixth...and all the time
i love sweet tea!
and i think you're crazy if you don't. lately i have bought sweet tea in a can. don't judge. but it's so much easier to grab a can and go.

seventh...i love pina coladas but i hate getting stuck in the rain
candles are the bomb!
walmart my other addiction sells this certain jar candle that i have grow to love! all the "flavors" smell awesome! and they really do fill the whole entire house with that scent. it's like a rich flavor smell.
I have tried: blueberry and watermelon. but recently i found pina colada and it. is. amazing!

and lastly....
i am lovin...

my fun victoria secret lake bag! it's perfect for throwing in my swimsuit, change of clothes, alllll my makeup, and a pair of flippy floppys..then heading to the lake! i went this past weekend with my fun duffel in tow.

oooh there is one more thing....
can't forget about little pipe!
i love her all the time and always. but of course.

hope everyone has a lovely wonderful wednesday!
dont forget to link up!

"those cows won't even know what hit them. even when it hits them they still won't know. because they're cows."
[that 70s show]


  1. bahaha i love big guy!
    we have one in our has a remote which is amazing! :)

  2. There is nothing better then being an AUNT!! CONGRATS!

  3. Awww I love everything you're loving!

    Congratulations on being an aunt! :D

    I have been able to read more now that it's summer, and I'm looking for books. Maybe I'll give Pretty Little Liars a try after my next book! :D

  4. Congrats on the new addition to your family! An exciting! Love the picture of your furbabe :)

  5. Yes - you do have a lot to love this week!! Big Congrats on being an auntie!!! That is so exciting! I was sent a book to review & have been so lax in finishing it - I'm going on pace about a chapter every couple of days b/c don't get to read as often. I wish I had asked for an electronic version so I could have just put it on my phone - I seem to read that way faster b/c I ALWAYS have it with me!

  6. I read a lot too, but haven't read the PLL series. I'm addicted to the show though. Do you watch? Would the books ruin it for me?
    I could seriously shop in Target for hours. The shorts and key print are adorable!I'm your newest follower; your blog is so fun!