Tuesday, June 14, 2011

the dorkie$t one there.

raise your hand if you love fashion!
*raises both hands*

from clothes to handbags. from handbags to jewelry. from jewelry to accessories. from accessories to shoes.
fashion is everywhere.

one thing i love the most about fashion is everyone has their own.
for me i wear what i like. one day i might wear a floral dress and then the next day i might wear black jeans and a skull top. if i like it and i feel good wearing it than yes, i rock it.

i love my style. i love finding individual things that express who i am as a person.
band/movie tshirts.
dark colors.
tye dye.
feminine prints.
comfy cardigans.
unique designs.
comfy tees & tanks.

i love mixing/matching and coming up with different outfit combos.
and lets not forget our accessories! i have tons of them too.
hair accessories. (i love me some bobbypins)
nail polish.

yes, i believe makeup is an accessory. you dont have to do your makeup the same way everyday...althought i usually do. but i do have a wide assortment of eyeshadows and chapsticks lipsticks.

i have a confession..........yes, i tend to take pictures of myself. call me genius crazy but i always catch myself takin full body mirror pictures of favorite outfits and then sending them to bff. only if i am really pleased with how the outfit worked out. because sometimes i invision an outfit and when i actually try it out...it looks so dumb. or worse case scenario: frumpy.
and no one wants to look frumpy, am i right?

so i thought today i would show yall some of my favorite outfit choices
that turned out exactly how i invisioned it.
please excuse my crazy facial expressions.

and for you viewing pleasure...here's the outfit i wore to cam's nerd party.
and yes cam and i were the dorkiest nerds there because we actually dressed like nerds. everyone else dressed like a "sexy nerd" or a "cute nerd"
i clearly did not get that memo..

i seriously felt like a nerd. and we didn't have one boy come up to us...but when have we ever cared about that.

well did you like my outfit array?
i'll try doing more of these.

"like when you broke your arm wrestling that dog...oh and no one's eaten more change that you."
[that 70s show]

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