Thursday, June 30, 2011

do it your$elf

welp, this is my last june 2011 post.
i wasn't going to post again till next week but with it being the first week of july that means..
yep, i will be having all most of my tenants coming in to give me some moo-la!
i also have two new tenants moving in this weekend.
if i can get their houses finished, that is.
i also i have 7 vacant houses! none of them are ready as of yet. july and august are going to be super busy with buying supplies, installing, repairs, and finishing touches.
i swear one day i will have to do some before and after pics of some of our houses. it's neat seeing what a slab of paint, new carpet, and a couple of nice light fixtures can do to give a little house a big face lift. i took some before pictures of one of our bigger project houses, that had to have a huge re-model, so i'll try and do a before/after post on that.

anyways, talking landlady business isn't why i wanted to post today.
i wanted to show yall some diy projects i've done or plan on doing.
another nyr of mine was to do more diy...and i sorta havent been following through. not as well as i have been doing on my others like: read 20 books, turning my house into a home, and drinking more water.
i've been keeping up with the diy goal just about as well as i have been with the getting-to-work-on-time goal..not. great.

remember this post? i showed off a project i've been working on using these letters. well i finished the letters and i have one more step to do before i'm completely finished. i really really hope it turns out close to exactly how i am picturing it in my head. i think it will.
can't wait to show you guys.

here's a couple other projects i am going to do:

yep, i have got to have this in my home. i know exactly where i would put it and what book i would use.
i watched a tutorial on it and it is was easier to do than it looks.
wouldn't this be an awesome christmas gift idea.

yall know my obsession with these. i have them all over my house.
ya know they arent too attractive. but i figure a couple slaps of light paint and they could totally be decorative!

i bought an frame at hobby lobby on sale for 10 bucks! plan i spray painting it a pretty robin's egg blue.
i want to use more than one wire to string across cause the frame is pretty big.
then i'll use clothes pins to hang pics of little pipe
plan on putting it on a blank wall in my laundry room (pipe's place)

i am totally doing this for christmastime!
such a simple and easy project.
i have got to send out a christmas card this year.

i love maps.
i've been looking for the perfect map artwork to go on a particular wall at the house but haven't found anything. this would be so easy to get a map and make a couple of cutouts for the perfect print.

fell in love with this idea.
now i just got to find me some useless drawers and then this is totally happening.

i'm still digging this idea. and i seen this one with glass, um yes, please! course i would totally paint it.

i love lyrics. hello! i listen to rap, which is always about entertaining, clever lyrics.
i have a couple in mind and i definitely will be doing this soon.

can we say easy and fun!! hobby lobby has rows and rows of fun scrapbooking paper and with a couple of different cutouts this would be cute anywhere. i want to do a camel!!

this would be easy and fun to do in the kitchen!

i wish wish wish i could find this fabric. it reminds me of my mamaw's house.
but i love the idea of fabric covered pots. i plan on doing this pretty soon. i have found several different fabrics i am going to use. as for where i am going to use these little fellas, you'll just have to wait and see.

and lastly, this beauty.
i. love. this.
it would be super easy to do and look amazing on my front door.
plus i don't have any address letters and i think this would be an awesome different way to display them.

i have so many fun projects planned!
i am going today right after work to get a new hot glue gun..mine finally went capooie..
i plan on finishing those yarn letters project tonight so i can show you guys next week.

what about you? do you have any fun projects planned?
if not check out pinterest and find ya some!
have a fun & safe fourth of july!

"i know how it goes! the scarecrow gets a brain, the lion gets some courage, and the robot gets a heart."
[that 70s show]


  1. I've been meaning to do that book page wreath too! I'm just slacking on the whole craft thing:-) xoxo

  2. I love the book page wreath idea! and the wooden pallet- so creative! Hooray for rent being do (well, in your case, not mine)!

  3. Love all those crafty ideas. I've made a book wreath that looks almost identical to your first pic. And I LOVE IT!