Friday, June 10, 2011

holy cow!

um can i get a hell yea if you love to picnik!!!!!
i love editing my pictures. i love using the "effects" & allllll the different fonts.
i love looking at pictures anyway but picnik is just so much more fun than a plain boring pic..
after rediscovering picnik i immediately edit all my pictures now. it's just so much fun!

ive been doing it all day.

don't worry i'm going to share my favorites:
there's a ton, so bare with me.





did you make it through?? i know there were lots. but the good news is it's 2 on a friday afternoon!!
tomorrow i'm going to the lake! whoo hooo! i cannot wait to lay out and read!

also i have a new tenant!! ms. toni hasn't moved into my puckett house just yet but she put her deposit down today. she's very sweet and persistant. when i told her she got the house she told me thank you like a jillion times. now i have 61 tenants and 4 vacant houses.
i always knew my knack for memorizing addresses and license plates would come in handy..glad that's finally come to use.
yes, i have all 65 addresses memorized.

i hope everyone has an ammmazzzing weekend!
get out and get some sun!

"if you're trying to be a cop you just have to flunk out of high school and grow a really bad mustache."
[that 70s show]

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  1. thank you for the sweet comment

    I love PICNIK!!