Thursday, May 26, 2011

$tone age.

everyone says i live in my own little world.
and this is true.

i don't keep up with the news. media. weather. or sports.
i don't listen to the radio.
i don't watch tv.
i don't have a facebook.

i don't know a tornado is coming until it has arrived.
i didn't know bin laden was killed till 5 days later.
i didn't watch the royal wedding.
or the playoffs.
i don't know who's facebook official.

i'm just different.

to be honest, i think everyone would be happier if they stayed in their own little world, too.
but where's the fun in that.

i'll just do me. you can do you.

here's a cluster of random things that have been happening in my own little world.

very random. i know, i know this...
i have an awesome weekend ahead of me. i cannot wait.
now if only friday 4:30 pm will hurry up than i will be golden.

"for money makin bitches.
all my ladies throw your hands in the air.
i got patron in my cup and i dont give a ---- the baddest bitch in the club right here.
they wanna see me drop it, drop it, drop it
wanna pop it, pop it, pop it
shake that ass on the floor
you wanna see me shake it, shake it, shake it
yea you like it, like it, like it when i drop it real low
yea boy you like that
i can tell you like that"
--this song has been in my head for weeks--

"You ain'ts got to lie, craig!!!!"

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