Monday, May 23, 2011

a reality check

i know, i know this...i am behind on doing my movies monday.

honestly, i haven't been watching very many movies.
i've mainly been watching that 70s show, family guy, and i love lucy.
but mainly just that 70s show.

and i read 4 books last week. thats 4 books, people!
i'm really hoping to have 10 read by the end of this month. that means i will be half way through my resolution to read 20 books in 2011.

but i have gone to the movies twice this month.
that's a lot for me cause i never go to the movies......

so, for this week's "my movies monday" i will chat about the two movies i saw on the big screen. i wish there was still drive ins..

ok. i read this book probably three years ago and when cameron asked me to go i was pretty excited cause i love books so when they make a movie from one, i'm stoked! the best movies are ones based on books and true stories. now, seeing as i had read it 3 years ago, i couldn't remember it. at all. as i am watching the previews i am constantly throwing around what the heck happened in this book. i remembered two things: 1. darcy, kate hudson's character is a total bitch. in the book. i hated that rachel let darcy, her supposedly bff, treat her like complete crap! my bff and i would never treat each other like they did. once the movie started and the characters were talking i began to remember the book. it wasn't until Dex, Darcy's fiance, and Rachel, Darcy's bff, were in the cab...then it all came back to me and i was so laughing with anticipation of how the rest of the film would play out. you should see this movie, with your bgfs. I am not going to give you too many details because i would totally give the movie away. but you will end up hating darcy by the first 30 minutes so you almost don't care what happens to her. and Dex is a totally loser in my opinion and really i think they could have gotten a way better looking guy. whatever. i was happy that the movie went with the book and that i don't have a shitty bff.
sorry for cussing, mom.

i also went and saw this one with cameron. and i missed the beginning in order to satisfy my popcorn addiction. dang stomach. now, this book is also based on a book. i haven't read it. maybe i will this week. i do like supernatural books. seeing as i missed the beginning i hope i'm getting the storyline correct. there are nine aliens. nine. but this movie is about number four's story. okay so i guess these 9 kids aren't supposed to be alive. and the bad, really really freaky, guys have already killed 1,2, and 3. and now they are after 4. so, 4 and his "protector" are hiding out. and of course 4 wants to be a normal kid and do normal kid things. but HELLO he's an alien! everyone knows aliens are not normal. It was an okay movie. maybe if i read the book i can understand it a little better. maybe. i am glad i only paid a 1.50 instead of the normal 9.00 to see this. maybe the book is better. maybe. i think number 7 or maybe it was 6 that makes an appearance at the end and she gives us a nice knife fighting scene. i love knife fights. maybe the second movie will be better. maybe.

welp, don't you just love movies. i love them way too much. almost to the point that i am like did that really happen to me or did i just see it in a movie..

"This suit is for leisure. But many times I wear it to get down to business."
[that 70s show]

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