Tuesday, May 24, 2011

the $impliest elegance

i just recently re-painted one of my extra rooms a lovely elegant grey.
i love grey. it is one of my favorites.

now i want this room to be my hobby room.
i wanna be able to do my crafts, read, and just hang out.
i want this room to be elegant. lovely. simple. with a vintage twist.

i was looking on this website for inspiration. oooohhh i got so many ideas. i am filled with inspiration.
unfortunately, i can't spend any money on this room until i have my jeep picked out and paid for. but that doesnt mean i can't look, right!

here's a couple of my favorites. i really did get several ideas.
i can't wait to finally get this project started..eventually that is.

this is perfect. minus all the colors. i wanna stick with greys/whites and then add blue, yellow, and green pieces to make the room really pop. i loved the wooden painted palet for a coffee table. i could even stack two on top of each other.

this amazes me.

lovin the yellow and greens here.

elegant but with an edge.

one day i will have a library just like Belle. love the different sizes.


this is the hollywood tower. just a sneak peak of my future homestyle. old hollywood. monroe days.

love the modern style, too!

so cute.

might need to look into white shag rugs. lovin.

i have a platform bed now but this is taking it to a whole new level (pun not intended)

love the chair. love the lamp.

i wanna have lots of indoor plants in this room. i want it to scream LIFE.

one day my prince will come and he will be an architect and he will build me this castle.

o my o my i wish i had tons and tons of money to turn my home into my dream home.
i guess that's why they call it "dream" home whoever "they" is.

"Cats come when they feel like it, not when they're told."

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  1. I think grey is elegant too. Lots of inspiration here! So pretty!

    Thanks for checking out my blog! I'm your newest follower!