Tuesday, May 17, 2011


So, i have a better update to share than my do's and dont's of clubbing. I know you all thought that was such an enlightening post, but i thought it was something i needed to share.
Like i said in my last post, i have been busy...but in reality aren't we all busy?
Now, i may be too busy to blog but I'm never too busy to see my family and friends. so really that's why i have been so busy is because i've been hanging with those people, again.
So here is a little bit of what life has been like for this little landlady..
o yeah it will be in picture form.

i got me some feathers!! and i absolutely love(d) them. Yea, they fell out already but they did last me a week and they're so easy to put back in...i might do that this week.

Had my monthly bunko game. I didn't win but the homemade pizza made up for that!!

We have six birthdays this month. Six. I love birthdays, don't you?

plants/flowers are always the perfect gift for someone...well probably not a guy.
but i knew Ms. Nancy & Ms. Joy would love them...and they did!
everyone wants to feel special on their birthday.
yep, i mowed this past week. yep, i got sunburned but it has already turned into a tan so i am okay with it.

on another note, i went and saw my good friend, Amy, play with her band at Reno's. Amy is fluent in Spanish and is the lead singer/guitarist/songwriter for her band. She writes great break up songs, witty dance numbers, and beautiful poetry. I am so honored and proud to call her one of my friends.

Amy and i also went......

here on Thursday.. ohhhh mmyyy gggosshhh it was so good! yummy! I was so glad we got to hang out and i am so ready for her to graduate so i can have my friend back.

i also read this book. it was okay, an easy read.
i just appreciate tina's existence.

guess who found season five & six on dvd this weekend. I freaking love the seventy's. When life was simple and jackie dated hyde.

i also celebrated a special day for my momma. I gave her this cute serving tray she can carry margaritas lemonade onto the patio at the lake house.

i just want to go on the record and say i love sandwiches. i think i could live solely on them. o wait i basically already do.

i got a lovely insurance check for the bump i had a couple of weeks ago. but instead of using it to get the liberty fixed i put it aside to pay for the wrangler.

now instead of once again ending my post with jeep talk i will end it with this

we have been deprived of our beloved karaoke and we want it back! summer 2011!

"Have you even been listening to me? i don't trust anything! i'm not even sure if what time it is is really what time it is."
[that 70s show]


  1. my decade is the 50s. i totally should have lived in the 50s. and your post on clubbing... cracked me up. as well as your post on the landlady. you're killing me. did you get my message about centering your header?

  2. my dearest sweet landlady! thank you for the kind words. i was SO SO happy to see you at my show. a ton of folks said they'd come and then bailed..it's nice to know how blessed i am to be your friend!!! as for fresh cup..pretty sure that's our new joint! lol. i'm not excited about having class in july, but heeeey, school is out and i'm gonna relish june and the rest of may. the word relish always cracks me up 'cause it reminds me of hot dogs. anTyways, i miss you!! and want to see you very very soon! <3 mac attack