Wednesday, April 13, 2011


i am just going to do a quick wilw post.

first, who isn't lovin this weather?
it is literally awesome! i am super excited to get to leave the office to run some errands. I love to be out in the amazing sunshine.

i am also lovin getting to ride my bike.
i have already rode 12 miles this week. that's good considering i rode 0 last week.

i love to be outside!
i've been looking at outside decor for both my porches. I have a small front porch that has really started to come together. I really want to start working on my back porch too. one problem: it isn't covered! oh i wish it was covered! i really wish it was screened in....sooooo i have decided to use some of my tax return (the rest goes towards my new vehicle) to purchase some sort of covering. just something simple.
i am lovin this...

pretty, right?

unfortunately i do not have the money to do all of this but i did find this...

cool, right? of course this particular one is way out of my price range, too. but i did find several like it at Lowes around $200 and i am definitely lovin that price way better than $800..

just a couple of other things i am lovin...

this three tier planter from overstock
this would look terrific on either porch.

i am also lovin this rug also from overstock
i would like to put it under my dining table. the rug in my den is animal print so i just wanted to go with a solid for the dining room..especially since a table and chairs will be on top of it.

i am lovin...

i know i want a dining set on my back porch. i would love a round glass top table with rounded wide chairs.

wow there are seriously tons and tons of ideas whirling through my head.
first things first i have got to get that porch covered.
dont worry i will keep you updated.

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